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Any non-negative number less than 8.

If the number being divided is not a whole number, the remainder will not be a whole number either.

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Q: Which number could be a reminder for a problem with a divisor of 8?
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What number could be used as divisor and never have left over?


Is 6 a divisor why or why not?

When 6 appears in an arithmetic problem, it could be a divisor, a quotient, a factor, a dividend, a subtrahend, a minuend, an exponent, a product, or a couple of other things. That's one of the beauties of our number system --- any number can show up in any position, and can take on any role, in a numerical calculation. Show us how the '6' fits into a problem, and we can see what function it has in that particular problem.

How many possible remainders are there if 4 is the divisor?

Only 3 non-zero remainders.1, 2, and 3 are the only possible non-zero remainders since any number greater than or equal to the divisor could also be divided, to result in a new quotient. A remainder of zero, means that the dividend is divisible by the divisor (the divisor is a factor of the number)

Why should the remainder not be greater than the divisor?

Because if the remainder was larger than the divisor, then the divisor could go into the dividend again.

Why must the remainder be smaller than the divisor?

If the remained was bigger than the divisor than the divisor could still be taken out of the remainder

Is 100.0000 a real math problem?

Can you clarify ?100.00000 is a number i guess technically speaking you could make it into a problem but it looks like a solution..If your looking from a problem out of that number it could be 100.0000/1

If your divisor is 38 then what is the greatest remainder you could have?


What is the greatest common divisor of 9 and 2?

Since 2 is a prime the only numbers that can go in it are 1 and 2, where 9 has 1,3,and 9. The greatest common divisor of them would be 1 because it is the only number they could share.

Why is the remainder less than the divisor?

Because if the remainder is greater, then you could "fit" another divisor value into it. if they are equal, then you can divide it easily. Thus, the remainder is always lower than the divisor.

Why should the remainder be less than the divisor?

Because if the remainder is greater, then you could "fit" another divisor value into it. if they are equal, then you can divide it easily. Thus, the remainder is always lower than the divisor.

What can be the largest possible remainder if the divisor in a given division problem is 48?

The remainder is the number that is left over after the initial value has been divided as much as it can. If any numbers greater than 48 were present as a remainder, then these could be divided further into 48. If 48 is present as the remainder, then this can be divided by 48 to give 1, leaving no remainder. Thus, the largest possible remainder if the divisor is 48 is 47.

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Does an irrational number have to be a decimal?

No. It could be square or division problem too.

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What type of math problem should have a mixed number as an answer?

All math problems could if you put the number in the mixed number format.

Write down the rules for recognising that a whole number is divisible by?

It might just have been possible to give an answer if you could have ensured that the divisor was part of the question! As it is, the question cannot be answered.

How do you check multiplication using division?

You could divide the answer into the larger number of the problem. The answer should be the remaining number (multiplicand).

Why is the remainder always less than the divisor?

It must be less else you have not divided properly; you could divide again 1 or more times!If the remainder is equal to the divisor (or equal to a multiple of the divisor) then you could divide again exactly without remainder. If the remainder is greater but not a multiple of the divisor you could divide again resulting in another remainder.E.g. Consider 9/2. This is 4 remainder 1. Let's say our answer was 3 remainder 3; as our remainder "3" is greater than the divisor "2" we can divide again so we have not carried out our original division correctly!

2remender 2 could be written as a decimal right?

WRONG! Because the divisor is not specified - it could be irrational eg pi.

What does x mean in a math problem?

X could be a sign for multiplication, or it could also be a variable. A variable is a letter representing a number.

What is number 2 on lesson 74?

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What is the greatest remainder you could have with the divisor 8?

The greatest integer remainder is 7 but otherwise, 7.999... .

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