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Q: Which number is equivalent to negative seven and one-third?
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Related questions

Which decimal is equivalent to negative seven and one-third?

The decimal equivalent to negative seven and one-third is -7.333

Is negative seven a rational number?


What is negative seven plus negative seven?

Negative seven plus negative seven is negative fourteen.

Is a negative number minus another negative a positive number or a negative number?

the answer is negative number It depends on the second number because in 6minus-7. the seven would turn positive and therefore the answer is positive. Because you would add the opposite.

What is equivalent to negative seven and one-third?

-7*(1/3) is = to -44/6

Is negative six point seven a rational number?

Yes, it is.

Is minus 7 smaller than the number 6?

for starters it is negative seven not minus seven. and yes it is smaller than six because zero is the middle and since negative seven is smaller than it and six is larger it is obvious that negative seven is smaller.

Seven less than twice a number is negative one hundred forty-seven?


Which number is equivalent to 3.875?


What is a number that you can added negative eleven and get thirty seven?

Positive 48

What are the real numbers of negative seven eighths?

There is only one number and that is -7/8. The number can also be expressed in terms of equivalent fractions. As a decimal, it is -0.875 and as a percentage it is -87.5%. However, all these are simply different ways of writing the same number.

What is negative seven times negative seven?


Seven more than six times a number is negative 47 what is th number?

minus 9

Is negative seven less than or greater that negative seventy?

Negative seven is greater than negative seventy.

What fraction is equivalent to three over seven?

Multiply the numerator and the denominator by the same number and you will get an equivalent fraction.

Cube root of 7 is a surd but is cube root of negative seven a surd?

I am pretty sure that the cube root of negative seven is a surd. I checked on the calculator.......and it showed a negative number.....??I think when it is not a's supposed to say error, so the number probably means that it is a surd..

What is negative seven times positive seven?

-49 A negative times a positive is always a negative.

Is negative seven an irrational number or a rational number?

-7 is a rational number because it can be expressed as a fraction in the form of -7/1

What is a number if the product of seven and the number is negative twenty one?

The number is -3. 7 x -3 = -21

What fractions is equivalent to seven eights?

Multiply the numerator (top) by any non-zero number and the denominator (bottom) by the same number. You will have an equivalent fraction.

The opposite of the absolute value of negative seven?

If you are taking the absolute value of a negative number, that number will always be positive. So the opposite of the absolute value of -7 would be -7.

What is Negative three times a number increased by seven is less than negative eleven?

Let the number be x and if you mean: -3x+7 = -11 then the value of x is 6

What is the verbal sentence for negative seven minus the product of 5 and number is 28?


What is the real number of negative seven over eight?

-7/8 is a real number.

What is bromine oxidation number?

Bromine has an oxidation number of -1. Since it is in group 17, it has seven valence electrons. It wants to have eight, so it will gain an electron. Electrons are negative, that's why the oxidation number is negative.