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13 prime

63 composite

61 prime

31 prime

Well the question should have been either, Which one of these numbers is not a composite number? Or, Which one of these numbers is not a Prime number?

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Q: Which number is not a composite number 13-63-61 or 31?
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Which number is a composite number 93 47 67 or 31?

93 is composite.

Which of the following is a composite number 13 63 or 31?

63 is composite.

Is 39 1 31 41 a composite number?

39 is a composite number 1 is neither prime nor composite number 31 and 41 are prime numbers.

Is 31 prime or composite number?

31 is prime.

Is 713 a prime or composite number?

Composite. Its prime factors are 23 and 31.

Is 31 composite?

No, it is a prime number.

Is these prime or composite or neither 15 21 31 26 61?

31 and 61 are prime, the rest composite.

Is the number 31 prime composite or nether?

31 is prime.

Is 31 a composite or prime or neither?

31 is a prime number

Is 31 a prime or composite number or neither?

31 is prime.

Is the number 31 is prime or a composite number?

It is a prime.

Which is a composite number 5 31 29 or 91?

91 is composite.