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The answer is 11 !

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Q: Which number is seven less than twice the square root of eighty-one?
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What is the difference between the square of a number and twice the number?

Twice the number is something like 3x2, 4x2.... Squared is 3x3, 4x4. It's one number multiplied by itself twice

The square of a positive number is twice as big as the cube of that number What is the number?


Why does 16 have an odd number of factors?

It's a square number. Square numbers have a factor pair that is the same number twice. When listed, that number occurs once.

What is seven divided by twice a number?

three times a number decreased by eleven

Is 52 a square number?

No it is not. A Square number is one that can be expressed as the product of the same number twice. Ex: 49 is a square number 7 * 7 or 72

Seven less than twice a number is negative one hundred forty-seven?


Why do square numbers have an odd number of factors?

Because the square root isn't listed twice.

Twenty-seven increased by twice a number is 39 what is the number?


Seven more than twice a number is 17?


What is seven times the sum of twice a number and sixteen?


What is three more than twice a number is seven?


What is seven more than twice a number?


What is the Square of a number is 15 more than twice the number?

x=-3 or x=5

When the sum of 5 and twice a positive number is subtracted form the square of that number the result is zero what is the number?


Which square number is twice as big as 24.5?

2*24.5 = 49

How do you solve the square root to problems?

simply see what you can multiply twice to get the number under the square root sign.

Why does a square number always have an odd number of factors?

One of the factor pairs for a square number will be the same number twice. When you list the factors, you only need to write that number once. That will leave you with an odd number of factors.

Twice the square of a certain positive number is 144 more than twice the number What is the number?

(92 x 2) - (9 x 2) = 162 - 18 = 144 The number is therefore 9.

How do find the sqaure root of a number?

To find the square root of a number you multiply that number by it self twice.(example) the square root of 9 ? the square root of nine is 81 as 9X9=81. square root of 4 ? th square root of is 16 as 4X4=16.

How do you write sum of twice a number plus seven?


What is 25 divided by 9 as a number with a remainder?


How many times the numbers is to be used to be multiplied is it square number.?

Twice. a*a is a squared.

What number times itself twice gets 10?

The square root of 10 times the square root of 10 = 10

Translate the difference between twice a number and four time the sum of the number and seven is equal to two?

The difference between a number x and twice y is equal to fifteen.

What is an algebraic expression of the quotient of a number x and seven less twice the number y?

x / (2y - 7)