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It is: 7

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Q: Which number multiplied by itself gives 49?
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Related questions

What positive number multiplied by itself equals 49?


What number multiplied by itself equals 49?

7, -7

What number when multiplied by itself becomes 49?

7 (or -7) (Since 7 x 7 = 49, -7 x -7 = 49)

What is the product of -7 multiplied by itself?

It is: 49

Why isn't the number 15 a square number?

It is because a whole number multiplied by itself does not equal 15. An example of a square number is 49. 7 times 7 equals 49.

What is the side length of a square with an area of 49 square feet?

7 feet; 7x7=49 any number multiplied by itself is its square

Why can't the square root of 24 be a whole number?

A square root is a number that is multiplied by itself to get the number here's an example. 7 is the square root of 49 (7*7=49)

What number multiplied make 49?

7. 72 is 49

What does square root key mean?

As an example, the square root of 49 is 7. It's this because the square root of a number is another number multiplied by itself(7X7=49).

What is 7 to the 2 power?

49."To the second power" means that the number is multiplied by itself once.We also refer to this as "squaring" or that a number has been "squared".7 * 7 = 49.

What two numbers multiplied gives you 245?


What is used to indicate multiplying a number by itself an certain number of times?

An exponent is used to indicate that a number is multiplied by itself a specified number of times. For example, to multiply 4 by itself 9 times, you would write 49.

How do you solve w2 plus 49 equals 0?

If by w2 you mean "w squared", then it cannot be done. BECAUSE w2 + 49 = 0 w2 +49 - 49 = 0 - 49 w2 = -49 w2 means a number multiplied by itself. Any number multplied by itself will result in a POSITIVE number. positive x positive = positive negative x negative = negatve

What are square root?

a square root is the number multiplied by itself to obtain the given product. for example the square root of 49 is 7 because 7*7=49

What is power of 49?

A number times itself 49 times.

Prime numbers of 49?

49 is a prime number itself.

What is 49 multiplied by 4?

49 multiplied by 4 is 196.

What two numbers when multiplied is 12348 and added is 14?

The highest multiplied together will be 7 and 7, and this gives 49. Therefore this is impossible

What is 49 multiplied by 2?

49 multiplied by 2 means 2 sets of 49. That means 49 + 49. The answer is 98.

What are all the whole numbers of 49?

A whole number is a number in itself that is not a part of a number, as in a fraction, decimal or percent. 49 is a whole number in itself.

What numbers multiplied by itself 4 timesand equals 2401 is it 6 or 7 or 8 or 9 or 10?

The number is 7: 74=7*7*7*7=49*49=2401. 7

What is a cube root and a square root?

Cube Root - The number that produces a given number when cubed Square Root - A number that produces a specified quantity when multiplied by itself: "7 is a square root of 49".

Is 49 a prime number or a composite number?

49 is not prime. 49 = 7 * 7 49 is a composite number as 7x7=49. A number is said to be a prime number if it only has two factors that is 1 or the number itself.

What is the square of 7?

To square a number simply means to multiply it by itself. So to square 7, you'd just need to multiply 7 by 7, which gives you 49.

What is an example of prime numbers 49 111 97 81?

Prime numbers are numbers that can only be multiplied by 1 and itself (whole numbers only) to give the same result 49 (7x7) and 81 (9x9) are not a prime number (perfect squares actually) 111 and 97 are a prime number (find me two numbers that gives the same product without using the number 1)