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The number is 9.

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Q: Which number other than 1 3 and 27 divides exactly into 27?
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Which number other than 1 3 divides exactly into 27?

Check 9 out.

Which number other than 1 2 8 and 16 divides exactly into 16?


What you mean by co-prime number?

Two number are co-prime if there is no whole number other than 1 that divides them both exactly

Which number other than 13 and 27 divides exactly into 27?

13 does not divide into 27 so the question makes no sense.

What is the number less than seventy-five that divides exactly by seven but leaves remainder one when divided by eleven?


Which number other than 13 and 27 divided exactly into 27?

13 does not divide exactly into 27 although 27 is divisible by itself. Another number other than 27 that can be divided exactly into 27 is 9.

Is 2041 a prime number?

2041 is not a prime number. Other than itself and 1, it divides equally into 13 and 157.

What is a prime and square number?

The only number that fits that description is 1. Any other square number would not be prime because it divides evenly by a number other than 1.

Is twenty-two over twenty-five simplified?

Yes, it is, since no number other than 1 divides into both to get a whole number

What are the prime numbers that seven goes into -1000?

The only prime number that 7 will evenly divide is 7. Any other number that 7 evenly divides will not be prime because it will have more than the exactly two factors (1 and itself) that prime numbers have, since 7 will be also be a factor.

How do you get the factors of 2?

By dividing it by all numbers smaller than itself and if any number divides it exactly with a remainder of '0' then it is a factor. 2 is a prime number and apart from 1 and itself it does not have any factors.

What is the greatest common factor of 31 and 35?

1, because 31 is a prime number, and so there will be no number which divides into it other than 31 and 1.

Is 887 a prime number?

Yes, 887 is a prime number. Recall that if a number is not prime then there exists a prime less than the square root of the number and this prime divides the number. So we need to check if the primes less than 30 divides 887 or not. These primes are 2,3,5,7,11,13,17,19,23,29.

Which number other than 1 2 8 and 16 divide exactly into 16?


How do you write 163 percent as a fraction or mixed number in simplest form?

163 / 100 No number, other than 1, divides into both numbers, I think.

Is 96 composite number?

Yes, 96 is a composite number. All even numbers except 2 are composite numbers because 2 is a factor other than 1 and the number itself that divides into them.

Algorithm to find whether a number is prime or not?

check if 2 divides the Numbercheck if 3 divides the Numbercheck if 5 divides the Number...check if any prime numbers less than the square root of the Number divide the NumberIf any do, the Number is composite; otherwise the Number is prime.This is called the Sieve of Erasthenes.An easy way to check if a prime number divides the Number in base ten (if you don't have a calculator) is to add or subtract 1 or 3 times the prime number to the Number, so that the sum or difference is a multiple of ten (if the prime number isn't 2 or 5). Knock off the zero. If the prime number divides the new number, it also divides the Number; otherwise it doesn't.

Half of this number is exactly ten more than a third of this number?


What is a number with more than two factors?

A number with more than two factors is a composite number. A number with exactly two factors is a prime number.

What prime number from 0ne to a hundred that has the most factors?

There is no prime number from one to a hundred that has more factors than any other prime number. By definition, a prime number has exactly two factors, 1 and itself. The number 1 has only one factor - itself. All prime numbers have exactly the same number of factors - two. Composite numbers have more than two factors.

What is a prime factor and a composite number?

A prime factor of a number is a prime number that evenly divides the number. A composite number is a number having more factors than just 1 and itself.

What does the number 50 represent?

The number 50 often comes up in connection to percentages, since 50% is exactly half. There are also exactly 50 states in the US, although that is an accident of history and the number could change in the future (perhaps Puerto Rico will become a state). Other than that, it's a number, much like any other number. Useful for counting things.

What is less than -5 but equal to -5?


A whole number greater than one that has exactly two factors?

A prime number !

A whole number greater than 1 that has exactly 2 factors?

a prime number

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