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(3x + 1)(x + 6)

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Q: Which of the binomials below is the factor of 3x2 plus 19x plus 6?
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Which of the binomials below is a factor of this trinomial x2 plus 19x plus 84?

(x + 12)(x + 7)

Factor x square - 19x plus 90?

x^2-19x+90 (x-9) (x-10)

Factor of this trinomial x2 plus 19x plus 84?


How do factor x2 - 19x plus 90?

(x - 10)(x - 9)

How do you factor the polynomial x2 minus 19x plus 84?

(x - 12)(x - 7)

How do you factor the trinomial x2 plus 19x?

That's not a trinomial, but it factors to x(x + 19)

How do you factor x squared plus 19x plus 90?

Factor as : (x+9)(x+10) using the first terms ( x terms) multiply to x2; the last terms multiply to 90; the sum of 9x + 10 x = 19x

What is the answer to 7x plus 12x?


How do you factor X cubed minus 20x squared plus 19x?

x(x - 19)(x - 1)

What is a factor of x2 plus 19x - 42?

X2 + 19X - 42 = 0What two factors of - 42 add up to 19?(X - 2)(X + 21)----------------------FOIL and see the function reappear.X = 2X = - 21

What is 19X plus 59 plus 8X equals 5?


What is the factor of 7x2-19x-6?

(x - 3)(7x + 2)

How do you factor 5x2-19x-4?

(x - 4)(5x + 1)

How do you factor 3x2 19x 28?

(3x + 7)(x + 4)

How do you factor the trinomial x3 - 20x2 plus 19x?

Divide by x: x(x2 - 20x + 19); = x(x -1)(x - 19)

How do you factor the trinomial x2 plus 19x plus 60?

use the quadratic formula since there isn't a factor of 60 that when added together equals 19 The above answer is wrong because 4 and 15 are such numbers. x2 + 19x + 60 = x2 + 4x + 15x + 60 = x(x + 4) + 15(x + 4) = (x + 4)(x + 15)

How can you factor 2-6x-10?

That doesn't factor neatly. Applying the quadratic formula, we find two real solutions: 3 plus or minus the square root of 19x = 7.358898943540674x = -1.358898943540674

What is the length of a rectangle when the area is 6x2 plus 19x plus 10 and the width is 3x plus 2?

6x2+19x+10 = (2x+5)(3x+2) Length = 2x+5 Width = 3x+2

What is the greatest common factor of 38x5 and 19x3?

Since 19x^3 is a factor of 38x^5, it is automatically the GCF.

8x-7 equals 15 plus 19x?

8x - 7 = 15 + 19xsubtract 19x from both sidesadd seven to both sides8x -19x = 15 +7-11x = 22divide both sides by -11x = -2

19x plus 1 less than x plus 37?

no one can do that. it doesn't make scence

What is -19X-4?


19x plus 1 x plus 37?

19x+1x+37=0 First add the 19x and 1x together 20x+37=0 Next subtract 37 to the other side 20x=-37 Now divide both sides by 20 x=-20/37

What is the greatest common factor 19x to the 7th power and 3x to the 5th power?

The GCF is x5

What is -19x-8x?


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