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On a+ the answer is three-dimensional

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Q: Which of these applies to form one-dimensional two-dimensional or three-dimensional?
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What special form of diffusion tgat applies only to water?

Osmosis is the form the applies only to water. This is only in high waters.

What applies to form?


How do you add vectors using the component method?

1) Separate the vectors into components (if they are not already expressed as components). 2) Add each of the components separately. 3) If required, convert the vectors back to some other form. For twodimensional vectors, that would polar form.

What is the bets definition of form as it applies to poetry?


Which is the best definition of form as it applies to poetry?

The overall structure of a poem

What energy does not disappear but changes into another form?

This applies to all types of energy.

Which of the following is the best definition of form as it applies to poetry?

the ovrall structure in a poem

Feminine gender of Greek?

The word "Greek" applies to masculine, feminine, and neutral. There is no separate feminine form.

Which of these applies to form one dimensional two dimensional or three dimensional?

three dimensional

What rocks are intrusive?

Intrusive is a term that applies to igneous rocks that form from magma underground such as granite.

What is the full form of Rev Fr?

The abbreviation stands for Reverend Father and usually applies to a priest.

Which of the following descriptions applies to the work of Greek artists and architects?

Reflected concern with form and order

When to use the past simple or present perfect in questions?

The rule for the Affirmative form applies in the Interrogative, too.

1) The HIPAA Privacy Rule applies to which of the following?

All of the aboveThe HIPAA Privacy Rule applies to PHI that is transmitted or maintained by a covered entity or a business associate in any form or medium.

What is the medical terminology combining form meaning brain ventricle?

Ventricul- is the medical terminology combining form meaning ventricles. It applies to both brain and heart ventricles.

How do you bet Ganon when hes a puppet?

If you are wondering how to "beat" ganon in puppet form, you must shoot the big blue orbs on him with LIGHT ARROWS. this applies to each form.

Can an American make a Japanese anime?

Why not? The same procedures applies for any form of animation - story, sound, and artwork.

Which term applies to numbers that cannot be written in this form?

You've neglected to say what form "this form" is. But I'm going out on a limb, with no regard for my personal safety, and guessing that "this form" is the ratio of integers, and the "term" is "irrational number".

How do you spell losenge?

The word is correctly spelled "lozenge", and applies to either a diamond-shape or to a form of dissolvable throat medication.

What is the half life of nandrolone?

Six days only. reference manufacturers info. (Organon) This applies to the decanoate injectable form.

What is the full form of DIY?

DIY is short for "do it yourself" and applies to projects or repairs that can be done without the help of a professional or expert.

What is the legal implications of a signature?

It is a form of identity and consent to a transaction or means of legality in terms of being bound to the contents the signature applies to.

What term applies to an organism whose body shape form or characteristics change during its life cycle?

inherid trait

What is a singular form?

The singular form of a word is the form which applies only to one object, place, concept, animal, or person. For nouns, the singular form is usually the form which does not end in S. On verbs, the singular form usually ends in an S. Of course, for many words, another word is used instead, like using they as the plural form of he or she. The word they does not end in S.

What is every element on a form called?

Control: Any element on a form, or report such as a label, text box, line, or combo box. Controls can be bound, unbound, or calculated. This answer applies to Access

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