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That one.

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Q: Which of these solid figures has 4 more edges than faces?
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What is the name of solid figures with more than six faces?


How many sides does a figure have?

2 dimensional (plane) figures can have three or more straight edges as sides. 3 dimensional (solid) figures can have four or more plane sides (faces). They can have fewer sides if the sides are not straight.

What Solid Figure has 5 more square faces and 4 more edges than a Square Pyramid?

A cube

How many faces vertices and edges does rectangle have?

A rectangle has 1 face, 4 vertices, and 4 edges. Note: The edges of 2-dimensional figures are more often referred to as "sides".

How many more edges than faces does a rectangular prism have?

9 edges n 5 faces, 4 more edges

How many more edges than faces does a rectanguler prism have?

A Rectangular Prism contains 12 edges and 6 faces. So there is exactly 6 more edges than faces.

What is a vertex?

In geometry and trigonometry, an angle (in full, plane angle) is the figure formed by two rays sharing a common endpoint, called the vertex or vertex of the angle (vertices in plural).With solid figures, like pyramids or polyhedrons, a vertex is a corner where three or more of the faces meet.Remember,* faces are the flat sides.* Edges are the lines where two of the faces meet.* Vertices are the corners where three or more of the faces meet.

Were two or more faces of a solid figure meet?

were two or more faces of a solid figure

What shape has more faces than edges?

A circle.

Is there a edges that where more that two faces meet?

yes it is

Why do the edges and corners of the rock weather faster than the faces?

Corners and edges are more thin and vulnerable than centers and faces.

If a polyhedron has 10 more edges than vertices how many faces does it have?

For all polyhedra: vertices + faces = edges + 2 The given fact is: edges = vertices + 10 → vertices + faces = vertices + 10 + 2 → faces = 12

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