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Q: Which one - digit number when multiplying by 7.79 gives an answer closest to 40?
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Which numbers when multiplied by 5 gives an odd numbers?

Every odd number. Multiplying two even numbers gives an even number. Multiplying an odd and an even number gives an even number. Multiplying two odd numbers gives an odd number.

Multiplying an odd number by an even gives an even number?


What is the first set closest to zero of three consecutive odd numbers which when you sum your squares gives you four digit number consisting of the same repeated digit?

41, 43, 45 consecutive odd when squared and added equal 5555

Distributive property of multiplication over addition?

Multiplying a sum by a number gives the same result as multiplying each addend by the number and then adding the products together.

Multiplying both terms by the same number gives an fraction?


What two digit number added to Y given a sum of Y?

There is no two digit number which, when added to Y gives Y.

What value does the digit 3 represent after 2734 is multiplied by 1000?

The 3 is in the tens column, so it is thirty;Multiplying this by 1000 gives thirty thousand.

Why does the number of negative factors affect the signs of the product in math equations?

Multiplying or dividing a positive and negative gives a negative result. Multiplying or dividing two negatives gives a positive result.

What is a six digit number that when divided by 1000 gives a number with no decimal places?


What is the difference between the smallest 5 digit odd number and the greatest 4 digit even number?

The smallest 5 digit odd number is: 10001 The greatest 4 digit even number is: 9998 Subtracting 9998 from 10001 gives you 3.

Which 2 digit number takes the longest to get down to 1 digit by multiplying the digits together eg 34 gives 3 x 4 equals 12 then 1 x 2 equals 2?

77. This is the only one that takes 4 steps: from 77 to 49 to 36 to 18 to 8.

What is 13 over 25 in a decimal?

Multiplying each number by 4 gives you the (decimated) .52 answer.