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3 lb X 16 oz/lb = 48 oz

50 oz is bigger.

if converted to kg the differene also can be seen:

3lbs= 1.36kg

50oz= 1.42kg

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Q: Which one is bigger 3lb or 50oz?
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Is 3lb greater than 50oz?


Is 3lb greater than 50 oz?

50oz is greater

Which is bigger 3lb or 43 oz?


What is bigger 48oz or 3lb?

They are the same, as 1lb is 16oz.

Which weighs more 3lb of apples or 50oz of feathers?

Since there are 16 ounces in a pound, 50 ounces is three and an eighth pounds, which is more than 3 pounds. So the feathers weigh more.

13stone and 3lb into kilogrammes?

About 84kg for 13st 3lb

How many grams is 50 ounces?

50oz = 1417.5g

How many ml are in 50oz?

There are 1478.7ml in 50 oz.

How many kg of 50 ounce?

50oz = 1.42kg

How many grams are in 50 ounces?

50oz = 1417.5g

11oz plus 3lb equals how many oz?

11 oz plus 3lb will be equal to 59 oz.

How much is a 3lb gold bar worth?

A 3lb gold bar is worth a constantly changing amount of US Dollars. The rate can be found by entering the stock symbol XAU. As of 04/28/08, one dollar could buy 0.001119 ounces of gold, or $893.65 an ounce. At this rate 3lb would cost $42,895.20 US.

How many grams in 3lb 5oz?

1502.52473 grams.

How many pounds is 3lb?


How many 24oz in pound?


What does 1 part chemical per 50 percent water mean?

50oz to 1oz

What is the pressure at the bottom of a stack of 3 one inch cubes that weighs a pound each?

3lb per sqinch

What is 11st 3lb in kilos?

It is 71.2 kilos.

How many apples in 3lb bag?


How much do a viper fish weigh?

About 3lb

3lb and 8oz is how many ozs?


What is 101 pounds in stones?

7st 3lb

How much does a rotary phone weigh?

They all weigh 3lb.

How many ounces are there in 3lb?

That is 48 ounces

What 2 stone 3lb in kg?