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Q: Which one is bigger inch or a centimemeter?
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Related questions

Is one inch bigger than one centimeter?

is one inch bigger than 1 centimeter

What is bigger two centimeters or one inch?

one inch

Which one is bigger inch or feet?

Feet are bigger.

Which is bigger 5 centimeters or 1 inch?

Five centimeters is bigger because one inch equals 2.54cm

Is one centimeter bigger than one inch?

No, it is not.

Is a mile bigger than an inch?

One mile is equal to 63,360 inches, so yes, a mile is bigger than an inch.

Is on inch bigger than one centimeter?

No, it is not.

Is one centimeter twice as long as an inch?

No, one centimeter is not twice as long as an inch. One inch is equal to 2.54 centimeters. So an inch is 2.54 bigger than a centimeter.

Is one foot bigger than one inch?


Is 0.38 inches close to a quarter inch?

It is closer to a half inch then a quarter inch. It is bigger than one third of an inch.

What is centimemeter?

It is a measurement of length that is equivalent to 0.01 meters.

Is 1 inch bigger than 1 foot?

There are 12 inches in one foot. That means a foot is 12 times bigger than an inch.

Is a square inch bigger than an inch?

A square inch is one inch by one inch. like it is 1 inch tall and 1 inch long. An inch is just a measure of a line. so it is the same size. it is just a square.

Which is larger cm or inch?

Inch is bigger than centimeter. Take two objects of 1 cm and 1 inch. The object of length 1 inch (2.54 cm) is clearly bigger than 1 cm object.

Is cm bigger than inch?

No. The inch is bigger. 1 inch = 2.54 cm.

What is bigger half inch or one centimeter?

there the same size

Which one is bigger a foot or a inch?

really's a foot

Is two centimeters bigger than one inch?

No. One inch is 2.54 cm, which is less than 2 cm.

Is 10 inch bigger than 5 inch cube?

a 10 inch cube is bigger than a 5 inch cube

Is a centimeter bigger than an inch or smaller?

One inch is equal to 2.54cm, or conversely 1cm is 0.39 inches.

Is a millimeter bigger than a inch?

No. A millimeter is 25.4 times smaller than one inch.

is a meter bigger than a inch?

No. An inch is about 39.4 times smaller than one meter.

Is one cubic foot or one cubic inch bigger?

It would be pretty sad if you didn't know the answer to this question A foot is 12 inches, and an inch is an inch. So that's pretty flat out easy.

What is bigger a meter or an inch?

A meter is about 40 times bigger than an inch.

What is bigger a foot or an inch?

a foot is 12 times bigger than an inch