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they both mean the same thing but 36 inches is deemed more accurate

A scientist or engineer would most likely tell you that "36 inches" is more precise than "3 feet," since their method of measuring errors in calculation is based on the smallest unit used to make the measurements.

In general use, these two values are understood to be exactly equal in value and precision.
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Q: Which one is precise 3 feet or 36inches?
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How many feet equals 36inches?


How many feet does 47 inches make?

3 ft 11 inches Note 3 feet is 12x3=36inches and 36inches +11inches =37inches

Is 36inches greater than or less than two feet?

36 inches equals 3 feet.

How many inches are in 36inches?

A strange question to ask. The answer is obviously 36. um there are 36 inches in 36 inches... or 3 feet.. or one yard...

Is 24 inches greater than less than or equal to 3 feet?

24 inches is less than 3 feet because 3feet=36inches.

36 ft equals how many in?

well.. 12inches equals one foot. so 36inches divided by 12inches is 3. there are 3feet in 36inches

How many feet is in a meter?

3 feet 3.28084 feet to be more precise.

Is 51 ft more precise than 58yd?

Precision is affected by how great an error can be when a measurement is taken. A measurement in feet has a greater resolution than one in yards. 3 times the resolution in fact. However, a measurement of 51 feet that can be up to 15% out is not as precise as a measurement of 58 yards with a 1% possible error.

How many inches are in 80 yards?

12 inches in a foot. 3 feet in a yard (36inches)... 80 x 36 = 2,880

What is the area of a rectangle with a length of 12 inches and width of 3 inches?

36inches. you multiply length by width to get the area of a 2d object

How many inches is 3 ft?

There are 36inches in 3ft. (1 yard). This is because there are 12in. in 1ft and 12x3=36. Hope this answer helps.

How many yards are there in 3 feet?

There are 3 feet in one yard. Therefore, 3 feet is equal to 3/3 = 1 yard.