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the third number from the decimal. Ex 3 is in the thousandths place in 2.113

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Q: Which one is the thousandth place in decimals?
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Related questions

What are decimals in ten thousandths place?

0.0001 is one ten-thousandth.

How do you write one thousandth in decimals?

.000 .001 - one thousandth

Does gasoline use decimals to the thousandth place?

No. Gasoline is inanimate and does not use decimals. Full Stop.

What is 0.001 in decimals called?


What is one half thousandth tolerance in decimals?

One-thousandth displayed in decimal units is 0.001, therefore one-half of one-thousandth would be 0.001 divided by 2 or 0.0005.

Where is the thousandth place in decimals?

It is the third digit after the decimal point.

How is one thousandth of a meter written in decimals meters?

0.001 meters.

How do you write 800 thousandth decimals?


How do you express 6 thousandth of an inch in decimals?


How do you express 60 thousandth of an inch in decimals?


What are the place values in decimals?

.1 tenth .01 hundredth .001 thousandth .0001 ten-thousandth .00001 hundred- thousandth .000001 millionth so on and so forth

How do you express 15 thousandth of an inch in decimals?

0.015 inch

What are two decimals rounded to the nearest thousandth are 0.20?

0.199, 0.198

Does 1 ten thousand equal 10 hundred thousand?

Only in decimals. One ten thousandth = Ten hundred thousandths

Round 0.2134 to the nearset thousandth?

0.2134 is rounded to .213 in the nearest thousandth. (.2 is the tenths place, .21 is to the hundredths place, .213 is to the thousandth place, and .2134 is to the nearest ten-thousandth place.

Add the decimals Round your answer to the nearest thousandth 73.4581 plus 2.0033?


What is the place value of 8 in 12345.678?

Thousandth. 1 2 3 4 5 . 6 7 8 ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ Thousand Hundred Ten One Tenth Hundredth Thousandth After the 8, the next places are: Ten thousandth place, hundred thousandth place, millionth place, ten millionth place, and so on....

What is 8.6625 round to the thousandth place?

It is then 8.663 when rounded to the thousandth place

How can decimals help you with your life?

Decimals are everywhere - money is one big place you'll find them!

What are four different decimals that when rounded to the nearest thousandth are 0.301?

0.3007, 0.3008, 0.3009

How do you round 13.188 to 1 thousandth place?

There is no rounding needed as it is in the thousandth place already.

What 923.4765 rounded to the nearest thousandth?

923.477 The digit in the ten thousandth place is greater than four, so the digit in the hundredth place goes up one.

What are four different decimals when rounded to the nearest thousandth are 0.301?

0.3009, 0.3008, 0.3007, 0.3006

What digit in the number 2476500 is in the ten thousand place?

2,476,500 The number 7 is in the ten thousandth place. 6 is in the thousandth place.

How do you Round to the nearest hundredths of 18.582?

18.58The number after a decimal is called a tenth place, the number after that the hundredth place, thousandth place and so on. So in this problem, the number 5 will be in the tenth place, the number 8 in the hundredth place and 2 in the thousandth place.Rounding up is the same like when there are no decimals. So the nearest hundredth will be:18.582= 18.58