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3 yards

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Q: Which one of the following distances is the longest 3 yards 7 feet 20 inches 50 inches?
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Related questions

How many yards and feet are in 50 inches?

what distances is the longest 3yards from 7 feet to 20 inches to 50 inches

What is is the longest yards feet or inches?

Yards is longest, followed by feet and then inches.

What distance is longest 20 inches 50 inches 3 yards 7 feet?

It is 3 yards because it equals 108 inches

Which is longer 5 feet or 2 yards or 68 inches?

2 yards is the longest because it equals 72 inches

Which of the following lengths is the longest 260.056 yards or 26.94556yards or 259.74 yards or 260.41 yards?


The worlds longest snake measured 6 yards and the shortest measured about 8 inches what is the difference in length?

6 Yards = 216 Inches minus 8 inches equals 208 inches or 208 Inches = 5.77824 Yards

Which is longest 5 feet and 10 inches or 2 yards?

2 yards = 6 2 yards

What is longer 216 inches twenty feet or 7 yards?

Seven yards is the longest; it equals 21 feet. (216 inches = 18 feet).

What is the difference between the number of inches in a quarter mile and the number of inches in 880 yards?

880 yards is half a mile so the difference between the two distances is a quarter of a mile. 1/4 mile = 1/4*1760 yards = 440 yards = 440*36 inches = 15840 inches.

What represents the volume of an object centimeters or grams or yards or inches?

None of them. Centimetres, yards and inches represent distances (or lengths). Grams represent mass.

Which is the longest length 2 yards 5 feet or 65 inches?

Of those three measurements, 2 yards appears to be the greatest, since 2 yards = 6 feet and 2 yards = 72 inches.

Put 1 foot 2 yards 18 inches and 3 feet order to shortest to longest?

2 yards 3 feet 18 inches 1 foot

Which is the longest 5 yards and 2 feet or 204 inches?

They're both the same.

What measuring distance in the us system?

In the US system, distances are usually measured in inches, feet, yards, and miles.

Which is the longest 5 feet 2 yards or 68 inches?

5 feet 2 inches is 62 inches so 68 inches is longer.

Is 286 inches bigger than 8 yards?

No . 8 yards is 288 inches.

How long was paul thorburns longest rugby kick?

exactly 70 yards 8 and a half inches (64.2m)

Can the following be expressed in ratio 2 yards and 60 inches?

60 inches is equal to 1,6666 yard.

Which one is the longest 260.056 yards 26.94556 yards 259.74 yards or 260.41 yards?

260.41 is the longest, 26.94556 is the shortest.

How many yards in 73 inches?

how many yards are in 73 inches

How far was the longest touchdown?

109 yards, 2 feet, and 11 inches by Antonio Cromartie of the San Diego Chargers.

Which is more 5 yards or 179 inches?

5 yards, as it is 180 inches, given that a yard is 36 inches.

Do you multiply or divide to change inches to yards?

1 yard = 36 inches. To convert inches to yards, divide inches by 36. To convert yards to inches, mutlipy yards by 36.

How many yards is 360 inches and 300 inches?

360 inches is 10 yards and 300 inches is about 8.33 yards.

What is more 362 inches or 10 yards?

There are 360 inches in 10 yards which is smaller than 362 inches