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It is 31 because it has only two factors which are itself and one

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Q: Which one of these numbers is a prime number 15 21 27 31 33?
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Prime number x prime number 15?

3*5 = 15 in prime numbers

Is 5 and 15 prime numbers?

5 is but 15 is not a prime number

Is odd numbers prime numbers?

prime number is a number that could only be divided by itself and one. odd numbers are naturally not divisible by 2 but odd numbers can be divisible by other numbers. one example is 15. 15 is divisible by itself and one but also by 3 and 5.

What numbers are prime of the number 15?

The prime factors of 15 are: 3, 5

Are numbers 15 and 17 a prime number?

Number 17 is but 15 isn't as 5x3 isn't a prime number

Which number 7 11 15 are not prime numbers?

15 is composite number

Are all odd numbers prime numbers?

No because 2 is an even number which is also a Prime number that has only two factors which are itself and one.

Is 15 a number that is a product of exactly three different prime numbers?

No. 15 is the product of two prime numbers: 3 and 5

Can every square from 5-15 be written as the sum of 2 prime numbers?

There is only one square number from 5-15: 9. This can be written as the sum of 2 and 7, which are prime numbers.

Which of the numbers below is a prime number 5 15 25?

5 is prime.

What is your number your number is the product of 3 different prime numbers?


What is the difference between a prime number and relatively prime numbers?

Prime numbers are those which are divisible only by 1 and the number itself... Example: 7 is divisible by no number other than 7 and 1. Relatively prime numbers are those pairs of numbers which have no common divisor other than one. Example: (15,16) Factors of 15:1,3,5,15 Factors of 16:1,4,16 Common factor of 15 & 16 is 1, hence 15 & 16 are relatively prime.