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The ones that aren't prime.

Asking a multiple choice question without providing the choices doesn't really seem fair.

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Q: Which ones are the composite numbers?
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Which numbers are composite numbers?

The ones that aren't prime. The ones with more than two factors.

Which of the following numbers is a composite numbers?

The ones with more than two factors.

Are all numbers that have a 2 in the ones place composite numbers?

Yes, all numbers that have 2 in the one's place are composite numbers. In fact, all even numbers except for 2 itself are composite numbers.

What numbers are not composite?

The ones with less than three factors.

What is prime or composite?

Prime numbers r ones that can only be multiplied by itself and 1 to get it and composite is everything else

What are all the composite numbers 1 to 6?

4 & 6 are the only ones

To find answers to composite numbers fast?

There may not be any fast methods. In fact, composite numbers which are the product of two very large primes are used for public key encryption. This depends on the fact that there is no fast answer to factorising composite numbers.

Are all numbers with a 0 in the ones place a composite numbers?

Yes. All numbers with 0 in the one's column are composite, having at least the factors of 1, 2, 5, and itself. The number 0 is also composite, having all numbers as factors.

What are two composite numbers?

There are many composite numbers. The first ones are 4, 6, 8, 9, and 10. Others are 100, 236, 343, 609, and 1115.

Is it true or false that all numbers with a 0 in the ones' place are composite numbers?

It is true (as long as there are no decimal places after the ones place) because those numbers will always be divisible by 2, 5, and 10. With exception of the number zero which is neither prime nor composite.

Which numbers are not composite?

Prime numbers are not composite.

Are numbers that have 2 in the ones place composite numbers?

Yes except for 2 on its own which is the only even prime number

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