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Q: Which organizer is most appropriate for representing the information in the passage?
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What is a 3 2-1 organizer?

What was my purpose for reading this passage?(apex)

What graphic organizer helps to give a visual representation of the details of a time order passage?

Time Line!

Which of these is not one of the questions you will ask yourself while using a 3-21 organizer?

Why did i read this passage.

What conclusion can be reached from the information in this reading passage?

Passage conclusion

Which heading is more appropriate to assign to the above passage?

wavell's trials

What is a question you will not ask yourself while using a 3-2-1 organizer?

Apex/ what is one illusion or point that really caught my attention?

Which statement cannot be proven from the information in the reading passage?

Based on the information in this reading passage, what did Pip think of the man's last statement?It was rude A+

What is expository passage?

Expository passage introduces or explains a subject, gives groundwork information that is necessary for understanding ideas, or analyzes information objectively.

In a long passage the usually gives you a clue about what the main idea will be?

The main idea is what is being discussed in all of the sentences: the thing, or concept, or action about which the passage is written.

Based on the information in this passage what is the most likely conclusion about Alcinous' sons?

I cannot answer this. You will have to tell me about what passage you are talking about.

Based on the information in this passage, how could Orlick be describedcompassionatecheaplikableindolent?


Based on the information in this passage, what can be concluded about Drummle?

He was abusive to animals.