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Q: Which part of earth gets the least percentage of water?
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Where is the water an earth?

All over. 75% of the Earth's surface is covered by water in the form of oceans, seas and lakes. Much of the rest gets at least occasional rain. There is often a rock layer that contains a lot of water under pressure; this is called an "aquifer".

How does water from earth surface get into the air?

Water gets into the air by a process known as evaporation.

Where do you think the water cycle begins?

The water cycle start from earth's surface. Water gets evaporated from the surface.

How does space shuttles get there water and electricity?

The shuttle takes water from Earth and gets electricity from solar panels.

Where does evaporation occur in the water cycle?

Evaporation occurs at earth's surface. Water gets evaporated to air.

If body secretes about 7 liters of water into the alimentary canal each day what percentage of this water gets reabsorbed?

90% is reabsorbed

What does heat radiated from Earth's surface do?

absorbed by earth surfaces, land and water

What happens to water that falls as precipitation and does not runoff and flow into streams?

It gets absorbed into the Earth.

What percentage of people in Spain have access to clean water?

The percentage of people in Spain that have access to clean water is 100%. Spain has made efforts to ensure everyone gets clean water.

Why water gets into the atmosphere?

So it can be recycled and used on the Earth repeatedly(rain, snow, etc.)

How does heat gets from the sun to earth?

It gets to the Earth by RADIATION.

How does water get into thr ground?

when the water falls on the ground it enters in to the layers of the earth first it enters in to the crust and then mantle through out this process water gets purified