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If you keep your abs tight while on it, all the muscles from your abs down.

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Q: Which parts of the body get exercised using a treadmill?
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Which gives a better workout a treadmill or a trampoline?

Treadmill. On a treadmill you power your body, on a trampoline you are using the stored elasticity of the trampoline to power your body. Time to strap on he Reeboks and get running!

Using a threadmill loses more fat from what parts of the body?

No matter what form of cardio you are doing (treadmill included), you cannot spot reduce fat. Your body will take fat from all over your body.

What is the advantage of a bowflex treadmill over a conventional treadmill?

There are many advantages to using a bowflex treadmill. For instance, it works your entire body instead of only working your legs.

What parts of the body does the elliptical target and tone?

The elliptical is the same as a treadmill except it works out your arms and abs as well. The benefit of it over a treadmill is that its much easier on your knees.

What body parts are used when using the Kettler Elliptical?

There are many body parts that are used when using the Kettler Elliptical. Examples of body parts that are used when using the Kettler Elliptical includes arms and legs.

What are the disadvantages of using a body parts as a measuring device?

Mainly, that different people have body parts of different sizes.

How can a new body parts be made from stem cells?

Scientists can build new body parts from stem cells using a patients own bone marrow in a lab. They are now using 3D printers to make the body parts faster using stem cells.

What problems are encountered in using body parts as units of measure?

My body parts may not be the same size as yours. Also, your body parts, when you were little, will be bigger now.

Are elliptical workouts more effective then the treadmill?

Both elliptical and treadmill workouts are great cardio. The elliptical is a full body workout, while the treadmill focuses mostly on your lower body. Both will burn calories, I think the decision should be based on your body. The treadmill can be harder on your knees and joints than the elliptical.

How does an elliptical machine compare with a treadmill?

An elliptical machine focuses on particular parts of the body, such as the arm, legs and lower abdomen. The treadmill acts as a running-platform for its users, enabling runners to run in place without having to go outside.

What parts of the body are exercised by an elliptical trainer?

The elliptical trainer is a cardio machine not a muscle building one. However it exercises your complete body similar to what running on a threadmill would do. It will improve your overall fitness

Can a treadmill help you to lose body fat?

Yes walking on a treadmill can help your body burn fat, but to help you can take a supplement such as meticore before you workout to help lose more fat as you walk on the treadmill. Use the link in my bio for more info!

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