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There is no property that justifies it. The equation is true for some values of x, not for others.

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Q: Which property justifies 3x-6 equals 17?
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What is the answer for 3-3x6 plus 2?


What is a distributive property equation that equals 17?

6(2 + 1) = 18==========

What property is 42 plus 17 equals 17 plus 42?

The Abelian or commutative property of addition of integers, rationals, reals or complex numbers.

How many 3x6 tiles will it take to cover 291 sq feet?

About 17.

What property is 17 times 15 times equals 15 times s?

Unless s is defined it is not a property.

What property would 17x1 equals 17 be?

The fact that 1 is the multiplicative identity for numbers.

What is 4g-17 equals?

4g-17 equals = -13

Which property is shown in the following statement 46 plus 17 plus 3 equals 46 plus 17 plus 3?

The property that "equality" is a reflexive relation on the set of arithmetic statements. It is a property of a relation such that it is true for members of the set over which the relation is defined.The "less than" operator, for example, is not reflexive since "x < x" is not true.

What two numbers equals 17?

There's only one number that equals 17. It's 17.

What does 3x equals -17 plus y?

-17 + y,,must be equals to..-17y..

What is 4x -17 equals 3?

4x -17 equals 3 4x equals 20 x equals 5

-12x minus 17 equals negative 89?

The answer to -12x minus 17 equals negative 89 is x equals 6.

Assume abc def if df equals 12 ef equals 7 and ab equals 17 what is the length of de?


What is 17 minus 17?

17 minus 17 equals zero

17 divided by 5 remainder?


What times what equals 60 what plus what equals -17?


What time what equals 17?

1 x 17 = 17

In times what equals 17?

1 x 17 = 17

What equals 17 in multiplication?

Nothing except for 1 x 17 = 17.

If apd equals 109 and 1 equals 17 then bpd equals?


What is 17 times 17 times 17 times 17?

It equals 83,521

What is 35 divided by 17 equals?


What equals 17?

1 times 17

What equals -17?


What does 17 times 17 equals?