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A square and a rhombus both have 4 congruent sides but a square has 4 equal interior right angles whereas a rhombus has 2 obtuse and 2 acute interior angles

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Q: Which quadrilateral must have four congruents?
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Which quadrilateral has only one pair of congruents sides?

There is specific name for such a shape.

Is a pentagon a quadrilateral?

No, a quadrilateral must have 4 sides. If it is a proper quadrilateral it must have 4 sides of equal length but if it is an irregular quadrilateral it must have 4 sides but not have equal sides. An example of a quadrilateral could be a square. A pentagon on the other side must have 5 sides.

How many sides does a quadrilateral trapezoid have?

All trapezoids must be quadrilateral. And, as the name suggests a quadrilateral has four sides.

How many angles does a quadrilateral have?

A quadrilateral has four angles. There are always the same number of angles as there are sides, so since a quadrilateral has four sides it must also have four angles.A quadrilateral doesn't "do" any angles. However, it has four angles. (If that is what you wanted to know.)

A quadrilateral is always a parallelogram?

No. A quadrilateral only must have four sides; those four sides can be arranged on any angle that permits the four sides to also have four angles.

Is there a quadrilateral with only 2 sides?

No: the very nature of the word "quadrilateral" tells you that there must be four sides. "Quad" is a prefix meaning "four".

If a quadrilateral has four congruent sides but its adjacent angles are not congruent then the quadrilateral is a?

An impossibility. By definition a quadrilateral with 4 congruent sides must have congruent adjacent angles.

Which quadrilateral must have all four angles of equal measure?

a square or a rhombus

Can a quadrilateral have more than 4 sides?

No; the definition of a quadrilateral is a four-sided polygon, thus, it must have 4, and only 4, sides.

What is a quality a quadrilateral must have?

Four straight sides, all in the same plane, meeting pairwise at four vertices.

The four angles of a quadrilateral must always add up to how many degrees?


Why is the quadrilateral called quadrilateral?

Quadri means four. Lateral means sides. A quadrilateral has four sides.