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Q: Which question might help a writer decide on a point of v?
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How might a Modernist writer use point of?

By zooming in and out of one perspective

How might a modernist writer use point of views?

By zooming in and out of one perspective

What is writer point of view?

The way the writer is viewing the story.

What is an example of a why question you might ask when reading a newspaper article?

The question requires additional information for it to be accurately answered.

Question you might ask when reading an article?

when did this happen

Which is the most likely reason a writer might use repetition?

To create a sense of return

Which word best reflects the writer's point of view?

The word "persuasive" would best reflect a writer's point of view as it suggests that the writer is trying to influence or convince the reader of a particular opinion or idea.

What is the position from which the writer tells the story?

The writer is the narrator of her/his story. From: Retold American Classics, volume 1 == ==

If a cube is 5 on it's edge how do you solve it?

There's no point in searching for any solution until you decide what the question is. You haven't stated one yet.

What is the metal point of argon?

There is no metal point for argon as it is a non-metal. But I guess the question might be melting point of argon and it is equal to 83.81 K or −189.34 °C or −308.81 °F.

Why might a writer choose to directly quote a source?

A writer might choose to directly quote a source to provide evidence, support their argument with authoritative language or unique phrasing, or highlight a key point made by the original source. Direct quotes can lend credibility to the author's work and show that they have engaged with established ideas or research.

What is the point of philosophy?

Good question, I'm not sure but there are many categories of study in philosophy. The real answer to your question might be found if you were to learn some of those categories and then imagine how differently you would feel had you not learned them. At the end of the day, "philosophy" is just a term that ties together a number of studies. Trying to find the point of it might not be the right question.