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If you mean: 72/24 then it is 3/1

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Q: Which ratio is equal to 7224?
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What is the simplest form of the ratio 7224?

72:24 = 3:1

What is simplest form of the ratio 7224?

If you mean: 72/24 then it is 3/1

Is a percent equal to a ratio?

No it is not equal to a ratio.

Which ratio is equal to 54 and 24?

Which ratio is equal to 54 : 24?

What is eqivalent ratio?

an eqivalent ratio is an ratio that is equal or you can simplfiy it

Is the ratio 2 to 5 equal to the ratio 5 to 2?

yes the ratio 2 to 5 is equal to 5 to 2 * * * * * No, they are not equal. That is like saying that two is equal to a half!

Which is not equal to the ratio 15 to 25?

15:24 is not equal to the ratio 15 to 25.

What is the square root of 7224?

± 84.994117

Is the ratio of the angles of a triangle equal to the sides ratio?


What are the factors of 7224?

The factors of 7224 are: 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 12, 14, 21, 24, 28, 42, 43, 56, 84, 86, 129, 168, 172, 258, 301, 344, 516, 602, 903, 1032, 1204, 1806, 2408, 3612, 7224.

What is the percentage that is equal to the ratio of 110 ratio 1000?


What is the equal ratio for 1 to 7?

An equal ratio would be 2:154, for further ratios just multiply both parts by two because the ratio continues to function.

What are the multiples of 2408?

2408, 4816, 7224 and so on.

What is voltage ratio of a single phase transformer?

The voltage ratio is equal to the turns ratio for an ideal transformer.

What ratio is equal to 54 24?


What is fuel equivalence ratio of unity?

It mean the equivalence ratio is equal to 1.

The atomic ratio is almost equal to the mole ratio of zinc to iron?


What the currency ratio between a Somalia shilling and a us dollar?

the ratio is equal

What are ratios of equal quantities?

The ratio of two equal quantities is 1 .

What is nominal ratio for a transformer?

Turns ratio of the transformer is equal to the ratio of the nominal rated voltages of its associated network sections.

How do you calculate voltage ratio of Transformer?

Count the turns ratio of the windings. The voltage ratio is equal to the turns ratio. The current ratio is equal to the inverse of the turns ratio. For instance, a power transformer with a 10:1 turn ratio (primary to secondary) running on 120V will produce 12V. If it consumes 1 ampere from the input, it will provide 10 amperes to the output.

What is 620 over 31 equal when you put it as a ratio?

As a ratio it would be 20:1

If you multiply or divide the numerator and denominator of a ratio by the same nonzero number you get a?

Equal ratio

How do you compare a ratio using division?

Divide the first ratio by the second. If the answer is less than 1 then the first ratio is smaller. If the answer is equal to 1 then the two ratios are equal. If the answer is greater than 1 then the first ratio is larger.

Ratio of 57 hours to 4 days?

There are 24 hours in one day, therefore 4 days is equal to 24 x 4 = 96 hours. The ratio therefore is equal to 57:96, which, in its simplest form, dividing both sides of the ratio by 3, is equal to 19:32.