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Q: Which resistor is the better insulator 24 or 6?
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How do you calculate the correct resistor value needed using 12vdc to run 6vdc circuit?

You need to drop 6 volts across the resistor. -- The resistor you need is 6/(the current in amps that your 6vdc device uses to operate) ohms. Example: If the device uses 1/2 Amp when it's running, then you need a 6/0.5 = 12-ohm resistor. -- And the power-dissipation rating of the resistor has to be at least 36/resistance watts. Example: For the 12-ohm resistor in the last example, it needs to be a (3-watt or more) resistor.

If the resistance of a resistor is 6 ohms what is the conductance?

(1/6) ohm-1

Can you make 24 using only numbers 2 4 and 6?

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What resistor to use to drop 9volt's dc to 6 volt's dc?

To drop a 12 volt source to 6 volts with a resistor, you have to drop 6 volts. The value of the resistor you need would be 6 divided by the current the device pulls in amps. For example, if the device pulls a half an amp the resistor has to be 6/0.5 or 12 ohms. As this device runs on 6 volts and draws 1/2 amp, it's wattage is 3 watts (volts x Amps). Common practice is to double this, or the resistor will probably get too hot and may open. I'd use a 10 watt to resistor to maintain a good margin for safety, and they're readily available. Use a 12 ohm, 10 watt resistor.

What is the purpose of a ballast resistor in a car?

a ballast resistor drops voltage. In chrysler products it drops to six (6) volts.

A 120 ohm resistor a 60 ohm resistor and a 40 ohm resistor are connected in parallel to a 120 volt power source. What is the current running through the entire circuit?


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