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A pentagram.

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Q: Which shape could never have parallel sides?
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Which shape never have parallel sides?

Any conic section.

What shape has 2 sides and is parallel?

For a shape to have parallel sides it needs at least 4 sides

A shape that has 4 sides and 2 parallel sides?

A trapezoid is a shape that has 4 sides and 2 parallel sides. The sides that are parallel are called the bases.

Which shapes have no parallel sides?

The only polygon that absolutely positively never has any parallel sides is a triangle. Any other shape comprised of four or more straight line segments could have one or more pairs that are parallel.

What shape has sides and 2 pairs parallel sides?

It could be an irregular polygon with 6 or more sides or, if a quadrilateral, it could be a parallelogram.

Could an equilateral triangle ever be a parallelogram?

no...beacuse a parallelogram has to have parallel sides....a triangle can never have parallel sides

Parallel sides in a 25 sided shape?

A 25-sided shape would have no parallel sides !

What shape has 4 sides and 2 parallel?

The shape that has 4 sides and 2 parallel is a trapezoid.

What is a four sided shape with sides that are parallel?

A rectangle is a shape that has four sides with two parallel lines.

What is a shape called with 4 equal sides and 2 parallel sides?

If it has four equal sides, then two parallel sides implies two PAIRS of parallel sides. The shape is a rhombus.

What shape has parallel sides?

Any polygon with four or more sides can have parallel sides.

What geometric shape has 1 set of parallel sides and no perpendicular?

It could be a trapezoid

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