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An isosceles triangle has exactly one line of symmetry, a rectangle has two. A trapezoid can have none or one.

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Q: Which shape has a line of symmetry a isosceles triangle a rectangle or a trapezoid?
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Has at least one line of symmetry?

this shape has at least one line of symmetry The answer is:- Symmetrical.

Which are the shapes that have one line of symmetry?

An isosceles triangle and an isosceles trapezoid are two of them.

What has no lines of symetry?

trapezoid * * * * * Not true: an isosceles trapezoid does have a line of symmetry. A scalene triangle has none.

Shapes with one line of symmetry?

Trapezoid, isosceles triangle, arrow, kite, etc.

How is an isosceles triangle related to an isosceles trapezoid?

how is an isoscelels trapezoid related to a isosceles triangle

Which figure has exactly 2 lines of symmetry a square a rectangle a circle or an isosceles triangle?


A triangle or trapezoid with two congruent sides is?

An isosceles triangle and a isosceles trapezoid.

What is the same about an isosceles triangle and an isosceles trapezoid?

In an isosceles triangle and an isosceles trapezoid, both base angles are congruent

What always has a line of symmetry a. trapezoid b. parallelogram c. triangle d. rectangle?

d. rectangle

How is the isosceles trapezoid related to the isosceles triangle?

If you extend the two legs of an isosceles trapezoid until they intersect, you get an isosceles triangle.

How many possible lines of symmetry does an isosceles trapezoid have at most?

Three (if it happens to also be an equilateral triangle).If it's isosceles but not equilateral, it has only one line of symmetry.

What is a triangle or trapezoid with at least two congruent sides?

It is an isosceles triangle and an isosceles trapezoid