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The correct answer would be "D".

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Q: Which shows a double plus 5 problem A.50 plus 50 B.40 plus 95 C.100 plus 250 D.20 plus 45?
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A plus B and B plus A shows the property?

It shows the Commutative property.

What is the double plus one of 5 plus 5?

(Double plus 1 of 5) plus 5 = 16 Double plus 1 of (5 plus 5) = 21

How do you balance K plus H20---KOH plus H2?

This problem is a Double Reactant. "K+ H20 ----> KOH + H2" would equal "2K + 2H20 ---> 2KOH + H2"

What genre of television shows air on television channel Star Plus that is available in India?

The genre of tv shows that air on tv channel Star Plus available in India airs are Reality Shows. Some of these shows include fashion style shows and cooking shows.

Is the double a modifier in c plus plus?

No, a double is a datatype, the same as float but with twice the range.

What is the answer to the problem 1 plus 1?

The answer to the problem 1 plus 1 is 2. (1+1=2)

Which element shows plus 3 and plus 4 oxidation states?


What property shows a plus b equals b plus a?

commutative property

What is double in c plus plus?

A double is a floating point type, greater than or equal in size to a float.

Is C2H6 plus O2 yields CO2 plus H2O a double replacement?

No its a combustion reaction, not a double replacement

What is 2 plus 3 plus 4 plus 89074568245 plus 7465928746?

a fkn problem...

Is there a problem with Microsoft's 2010 c plus plus lately?

Yes, they are currently working on the problem. Please be patient with it.

How do you Calculate the average of two numbers then return the average in c plus plus?

double getAverage(const double a, const double b) { return (a + b)/2.0;}

Element shows both plus 3 and plus 4 oxidation states?


X plus 2 3?

The math problem of x plus 23 is incomplete and there is not an answer for it. More information is needed for this problem.

What is the age group for Nickelodeon shows?

the shows on nick suck plus they are for ages 1 to3

Is Hulu and Hulu Plus different?

Yes, Hulu shows a limited amount of episodes of Tv shows compared with Hulu Plus which shows complete seasons and more variety. Try two weeks free with the link below.

What is 2 plus 54321 plus 456789?

The Answer to this problem is 511112.

Will CuSO4 plus 2KOH Cu(OH)2 plus K2SO form a double replacement?

This is a double replacement reaction.

What does this problem equal 25 plus 20 plus 19 plus 22 plus 24 plus 28 equals?


What is 34 plus 20?

The math problem 34 plus 20 is 54. This is a basic math problem to to children in elementary school.

What is the answer to an addition problem called?

The answer to an addition problem is called the sum.The sum of 2 plus 2 is 4.

How the equation Caco3 plus h2so4 - caso4 plus h2o plus CO2?

double replacement

What is 5 plus plus 7 4 plus plus 12?

The problem of -5 plus 7 - (-4 plus -12) is equal to 18.

What is the answer to the math problem 10 plus 100 plus 10?