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Q: Which side of fence should face the street?
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Should a fence face toward your yard or toward the neighbor yard?

rough side toward your yard, if you built it.

Wwwwhat is the building code requirements for building a new fence?

when building a wood fence in the town of Brookhaven what side of the fence is supposed to face my neighbors property

Should I ask my neighbor to care for his side of the wood fence that we share?

Yes, if he put the fence up, he should be the one to maintain it.

I have a rental property. The trash can dent the fence which face my side. My neighbor fix the fence and send me the bill. Do I have to pay for it?

No. If the neighbor never talked to you prior to fixing the fence, quantum meruit does not apply.

What does the idiom stay this side of the fence mean?

It's not an idiom because it means just what it seems to mean. You should stay on the side of the fence that you are currently on and not climb over.

If you erect a new fence owned by you do you have to face the good side to your neighbors?

Simply no you do not have any legal responsibilities regarding your new garden fence but make sure that it is actually in your garden you can check this by looking where the supporting posts are as they must be on your ground and if they face your neighbours garden you may need to move the fence in a little bit otherwise they could take it down if the posts are on their land so the answer is no as long as the supporting posts are on your own ground then you can look at the pretty side of your fence.

What way should fence post face your property or the neighbors?

depends on who payed for it. if you payed put the finished side to your property. If you shared payment alternate the panels one facing him and one facing you and so on.

What is a word for a political fence-sitter?

A Politcal fence sitter is a mugwump. Their mug is on one side of the fence and their wump on the other side.

Should the flat side of a Mexican sombrero face forward or back?

It should face forward.

Definition of your side of the fence?

Well many fences are made with panels overlapping laths which have a rough and a smooth side (the rough side is the one where the supporting structure of the panels is visible). The convention is that if, on the deeds of the land, maintenance of the fence is your responsibility (you own it) then you erect the fence such that the neighbour sees the smooth side (out of courtesy). The fence therefore physically divides a piece of land between the ownership of two people and "your side of the fence' is the side with the land which you own. Further depending on who owns the fence your side of the fence could be rough or smooth.

What direction bhagwan's murti should face?

When you are doing pooja ur face should be in East side...

Can neighbor use fence on your property?

If a neighbor wanted to install a fence the fence has to be on the neighbors property entirely. Not half the fence on your side and half on the neighbors side. There are also zoning regulations that deal with issues like this. Some counties will not allow a fence to be over five feet tall and they have to be constructed using only approved materials. I know that in my neighborhood metal fences are against code and they can only be constructed using fence block. If I were you I would call the city planning office and ask them, they will have a definitive answer. Who knows, maybe the fence was put up without the proper permits and your neighbor has to take the entire thing down.