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Q: Which solid could have exactly four vertices?
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Which solid shape has exactly four vertices?

A triangular based pyramid

The solid shape that has four vertices and four faces?

A pyramid BK

What solid has four faces six edges and four vertices?

A tetrahedron, otherwise known as a triangular pyramid, has four faces, four vertices and six edges.

A solid figure with four faces that are triangles with four vertices and six edges?


Which solid shape has four faces six edges and four vertices?

Triangular pyramid.

What solid has 4 faces 6 edges and 4 vertices?

A tetrahedron or triangular-based pyramid has four faces, six edges, and four vertices.

What solid has 5 faces and 5 vertices?

A rectangular pyramid (four-sided base) has 5 faces and 5 vertices.

Which gometric solid has four vertices?

A tetrahedron, perhaps better known as a triangular pyramid.

You have four triangular faces you have four vertices what is the name of your solid?

Trapezium, or triangular pyramid * * * * * A triangular pyramid, yes. But not a trapezium since that does not have four triangular faces.

Joe is holding a solid material shaped in the form of a simple polyhedron that has four vertices and four faces How many edges does the shape have?


What solid figure has the most vertices?

triangular prism i don't if thats right somewhere else, but if you're from connexus its rectangular prism. Improved answer: I sense confusion between the question and the reply. A triangular prism has six vertices. An infinite amount of solid objects have more vertices. The question "Which solid figure has the least vertices" is probably the intended question, in which case the answer is a tetrahedron or spheroids. The tetrahedron has four vertices, the least number a solid with only planar surfaces can have. Of course any number of solids have no vertices, like the sphere and other spheroids.

What shape has four squares?

There is no solid shape with exactly four squares and no other faces.