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Q: Which states make up the four corners their intersection forms four right angles?
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What percentage of car accidents are caused by texting while driving line forms acute and obtuse angles at the point of intersection?

there isnt relly a percentage

Can an L be perpendicular?

It already is. If you extend the vertical and horizontal lines out farther, you'll see that it forms an intersection that is perpendicular. Forming four 90 degree angles.

In a crossword puzzle a connected across clue and down clue form what kind of lines?

perpendicular. this means the intersection forms 4 right angles (90 degrees)

Is there a right angle on the letter R?

Yes. The curved part straightens out before it meets the vertical line of the R and at the points of intersection, forms right angles.

What do you call a line that from right angle at their point of intersection?

It is a perpendicular line that forms a right angle at the point of intersection.

Is triangle form two angles?

a triangle always forms two angles?

What is an intersection?

An intersection is the region of space that forms when two forms overlap (the intersection of two lines makes a point, the intersection of two planes makes a line, etc.). In set theory, it is the set formed when two or more sets overlap in terms of common elements. With respect to roads, it is the place where two roads cross each other.

Perpendicular lines form how many right angles?

This forms four right angles.

Angle that forms a linear pair with one of the interior angles of a triangle?

Exterior Angles

What line forms when a plane and a cylinder intersection?

A pair of parallel lines, an ellipse or a circle.

What is a interchange is used when a side road forms a T intersection with an expressway?

Trumpet interchange

Either pair of base angles of an isosceles trapezoid forms a pair of congruent angles?


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