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Math is the least relevent subject in high school. Even Accountants seldom use math past an eighth grade level. Students leave high school knowing how to use imaginary numbers and how to find the cosecant of .8743, yet they do not understand how to balance a checkbook or calculate a mortgage. Trigonometry and Algebra for many students is an ineffective use of learning time that could be better spent mastering more relatable forms of math. High school math teachers use the excuse "you'll need this for college" to justify their lessons on Fibonacci sequences and reflected parobalas. But after college, non-math/engineering majors will not use this knowledge, except perhaps to help their children with math homework, thus the cycle continues.

Unlike other subjects, which relevence leaks into different disciplines, math is contained within the realm of science and mathematics. To understand movies, music, books and the news, a knowledge of history, art, technology, science and English is needed. A math major might not need to know every Amendment to the Constitution in order, however he/she should know how the electoral college works and what rights Americans are entitled to. However, a history major would not need to know what 2.8973i^-5 is. The arts and humanities are intertwined in every field to varying degrees, however synthetic division and cotangents are not.


Math is a very important subject. You might not realize it when you learn about sixth degree polynomials or seemingly abstract topics such as Lie algebras and complex integration, but math has multiple uses in all sciences, as well as in business, economics, and technology.

Think about it. Other than the obvious arithmetic you do at the grocery store, math is used virtually everywhere. The cars and planes you travel in are the result of mathematics and engineering majors, and this required an extensive amount of calculus and physics. Chemical reactions and population models can be demonstrated with a logistics equation, which is a very famous type of function. The Fibonacci sequence actually occurs in nature, especially in the arrangements of flowers. The basis of music comes from vibrations that occur at certain frequencies and can be analyzed using Fourier series. Also, complex analysis (typically a graduate level course) is used extensively in electrical engineering.

There are plenty of more examples I could provide...but I'll leave it to you to think about where else math is used!

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whichever subject you hate

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Q: Which subject is least important
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