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It is >

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Q: Which symbol is the Greater than?
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What is the symbol for greater than and less than?

The symbol for greater than is > and the symbol for less than is <

What is the symbol l for greater than?

The symbol for greater than is >

What is the name for greater than symbol or the Less than symbol?

It is > for less than and < for greater than.

What are the symbols for greater and less?

The greater than symbol is ">" and the less than symbol is "<", without the quotes.

What are the greater than and less than symbols called?

The "is greater than" and "is less than" symbols are the relations of an equality. this is the greater than symbol > this is the less than symbol <

What are the Greater than less than symbol?

Greater than: > Less than: <

What is typed to represent the words Greater Than or Equal To?

Usually the symbol ≥ is used to represent the words "greater than or equal to." ____ The greater than symbol is > and the equal to sign is =. The less than symbol is <.

What does the greater than symbol look like?

The greater than symbol is > Example: -5 negative is greater than -10 negative -5 > -10

What logo has a t with the greater than symbol above it?

Accenture has a logo with a t and a greater than symbol above it.

What is the symbol for anything greater than?

it is >

What is the math symbol for greater than?

> means greater than < means less than

How do you write greater than?

The symbol for greater than is > as for example 8 > 6

What is the real name of the less and greater then symbol?

< is less than > is greater than

Symbols means 'greater than'?

> is the symbol for more than or greater than

What does a line underneath a greater than symbol mean?

A line under the greater than symbol means, "greater than or equal to" and can also be represented by ">=" on the keyboard.

What does greater than mean?

Greater than (mathematical symbol >) means a value that is larger.

Greater than or equal to symbol?

Greater than or equal symbol means the left side number is greater than or equal to right side number. It is mostly used in programming.

Who invented the greater than symbol?

maikia invited the symbol in 1780

Which symbol below represents greater than?


How do you add less than symbol in Excel?

The less than symbol is and you can add the symbol in the input line when typing a formula.

Is a quart greater or is a liter greater?

A liter is more than a quart. Some of you might recognize this symbol > if you are in a certain grade then you may recognize that symbol in this case it would be a greater than symbol. Thank you for reading my answer.

What is the mathematical name of the greater than sign?

It's simply called the "greater than" symbol.

How was the greater than symbol used?

23 > 21 This is read "23 is greater than 21."

What does symbol of greater than with a line under it and a slash through it mean?

Not greater than or equal to.

What is the greater than or less than symbol?

greater than > less than < pointy end towards the smaller value