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Times tables

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Q: Which tables has no legs
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A small factory makes three-legged stools and four-legged tables Last month this factory used 100 legs to build 3 more stools than tables How many stools did the factory make?

there are 3 more stools than tables, so that takes 9 legs out of the 100 total (3 stools * 3 legs=9). There are 91 legs remaining. divide 91 legs by 7 (4 legs for tables and 3 legs for stools = 7 legs). 91 legs / 7 =13. there are 13 tables and 16 stools.

Each table has four legs and each stool has 3 legs How many tables and stools can be made from 32 legs if some of each are made?

Five tables,four stools or two tables,eight stools.

Why does tables have metal legs?

Not all tables have metal legs, but metal is a strong cheap and light substance which can withstand compression well, making it ideal for table legs.

Why do tables have legs?

For standing

What tables has no legs?


Why do tables have 4 legs?

It makes the table more stable and even but not all tables have 4 legs some have3 and are just as stable.

What kind of tables have no legs?

Periodic Tables. lol. Also, tables on old navy ships had no legs. The table was attached to strings on the ceiling so that as the ship moved and bobbed, the table would always stay upright because of gravity and the food wouldn't slide off.

What are tables?

a structure with 4 legs that you set stuff on

What are legs use for?

Legs in humans and other animals are used for standing, walking, running etc. Legs on other objects such as tables and chairs are used to raise the seat or table top of the ground.

How many legs does 6 tables have?

Depends on the type if table, it can range from 0-128

John builds three legged stools and four legged tables last month he used seventy two legs to build three more stools than tables how many stools and tables did he build show all work?

9 tables and 12 stools

Do cats have legs?

Normally. I guess so, because some tables have "claws". This question gave me paws.

What is the function of a table base?

A table base is a term for the legs and supporting structure for several types of glass tables - including end tables, coffee tables, and dining tables. It holds up the glass sheet of the table. They are often sold separately from the actual glass sheet, as many people have varying tastes in what kind of glass they want for their table.

What has 1 eye and 8 legs?

Two tables and half a fish. This is my favourite anti-joke ever.

Where could one purchase a table that has folding legs?

Tables with folding legs can be found in many outdoor shops like Cotswold Company and Go Outdoors. They can also be purchased from Argos, seasonally from large supermarkets and online from Amazon.

Can you make a table without machinery?

no cause you need to use machinery to make the legs round or square and you need machinery to shape the tables surface

What is the correct table height for a wheelchair user?

That really depends on the height of the person's legs while in the chair. Most normal sized tables work

There are 6 places set at each table for a party all the tables and chairs have 4 legs and altogether the tables and chairs have a totle of 196 legs how many people ar exspected to come to the party?

1 table = 4 legs1 chair = 4 legs1 table has 6 chairs = 4 + 6(4) = 28 legs per set of 6 places.196 legs = 196/28 = 7 sets of 6 places7 x 6 = 42 places are set, so 42 people are expected.If they all show up, then 84 legs will be added to the total configuration. Unless some of them also bring their dogs.

Why do boys shake their legs?

It's normally when we get bored or uncomfortable we tend too get restless and it becomes quite nice to do and you can't stop I also tend to tap tables sometimes but people winge when I fidgeted and shook my legs in bed alot its because were restless

Why are there no large outdoor plastic resin tables for sale?

My guess is that none are for sale because the resin material is not stable enough for more than the 3-4 foot diameter tables that were sold in the past. They fade and crack within a couple of years. However, if you really want a larger table, there are some nicer, heavy plastic-topped tables that have legs that unfold from under the table.

What is the musical instrument called a virginal?

The virginal is an early keyboard instrument similar to but much smaller than the harpsichord. They were usually built without legs and were placed on tables to play.


Altar table communion tables credence table offertory tables holiness tables side church tables

What can you build from 10 board feet?

Im gonna give you the less obvious answers since its pretty easy to make small projects like boxes and such with 10bf. You can build chairs, stools, small end tables, etc. All you need for these are legs, tops, and in the case of some end tables a drawer.

Are folding table legs replace-able or fixable?

Actually depending on the brand, there are some replacement legs sold for folding tables. I would look up the brand name for a replacement part. If your brand does not offer replacements a local welder might weld it back on for you making it as good as new.

What name is given to the earliest written roman civil law?

The Twelve Tables.The Twelve Tables.The Twelve Tables.The Twelve Tables.The Twelve Tables.The Twelve Tables.The Twelve Tables.The Twelve Tables.The Twelve Tables.