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The attacking third of a Netball game is the end that your team is shooting.

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Q: Which third of a netball third is the attacking third?
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What does the gs in netball do?

gs stands for goal shooter They are allowed in the attacking goal third and semi circle. They are the shooters

What are the netball boundary's?

it depends on what position your playing: C= everywhere apart from the semi circles WA= centre third, attacking third except semi circle WD= centre third, defending third except semi circle GA= centre third, attacking third GD= centre third, defending third GS= attacking third GK= defending third hope this helped :)

Describe the playing area used in a netball game?

There are three thirds and 1 goal circle in the 1st third and the 3rd third in the second third there is a circle which the centre pass is taken

Where you can and cant go in a netball match?

Depends where you play. GS - (goal shooter) shooting circle and attacking third. GA - (goal attack) shooting circle, attacking third and center third. WA - (wing attack) attacking third and center third. C - (center) NOT shooting circles, all thirds. WD - (wing defence) defending third and center third. GD - (goal defence) shooting circle, defending third and center third. GK - (goal keeper) shooting circle and defending third. Hope this helps

What is it called when a ball is thrown over a third in netball?

Say the C has no where to pass to they then pass either in the attacking or defending third. u r not allowed to do dat in netball a C pass has to be taken in the main third when starting off fresh..

What does it mean when a team is on the offensivein netball?

Opposite to defensive, it means your attacking

What are the Attacking and Defending stratagies used in netball?

you are a butt face you are a butt face

Where did netball begin?

center third

In netball where on the court can the goal attack go?

the goal attack can go in the attacking third, where they are shooting and in the centre third. hope this helped :)

Where is the goal defence allowed in netball?

the centre third and shooting third

Where can GA go on the netball court?

There are different positions in netball, and they have different things to do on court, and also different places to go on the court, see the list as follows: GS - in the Goal Third of their team GA - in the Goal Third of their team, and the centre third WA - in the Goal Third of their team (but not in the circle), and the Centre Third C - all over the court, but not in either circle WD - in the opposing team's goal third (but not in the circle), and the centre third GD - in the opposing team's goal third, and the centre third GK - only in the opposing team's goal third

List you 7 players in a netball team and their roles?

goal shooter- can go in attacking third only-job is to shoot and hopefully score goal attack- can go in attacking third and middle third-job is to help get the ball up nto the shooting circle and shoot wing attack-can go in middle third and attacking third (but not the D)- job is to get the ball to the shooters centre-can go everywhere except the two D's-job is to all round help attack and defend. wing defence-can go in the centre third and defending third but not the D-job is to defend mid court goal defence-can go in centre third and defending third-job is to defend the goal and stop the team scoring and attacking goal keeper-can go in defending third only-job is to defend the goal.