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Q: Which tiles can be used to cover a 12 x 12 ft floor?
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Can 2 x 2 ft tiles be used to cover a 12 x 12 ft floor?

yes, 6x6 of them

How many tiles will 14.2 feet cover on a 12-inch floor?

Depends on the size of the tiles.

How many 12x 12 tiles do you need to cover a 10x10 floor?

100 of them.

How many tiles each 12 by 12 are needed to cover a floor of 210 ft?

210 of them.

How many 12 x 12 floor tiles are needed to cover 6x8 room?

If the floor tiles are measured in inches and the room is measured in feet then the tiles are 1sq feet and the room is 6x8 = 48 sq feet so you would need 48 tiles.

It a room measures 16' by 16' how many pieces of 12 by 12 vinyl floor will it take to cover the floor?

A 12 by 12 vinyl floor tile covers an area of 1 square foot. If the room measures 16' by 16', it has an area of 256 square feet. So, you would need 256 12 by 12 vinyl floor tiles to cover the entire floor.

How many floor tile it takes to cover a floor 15 tiles in one direction 12 tile in the other direction?

15 x 12 = 180

How many 12x12 floor tiles to cover floor 12'x6' area?

12" x 12" = 1' x 1' = 1 square foot per tile12' x 6' = 72 square feet72/1 = 72 tiles.

How many tiles with 1 ft sides would cover a floor 25 ft by 12 ft?


The room is 12 feet wide by 20 feet long how many 1 foot square tiles are needed to cover the floor?

240 square tiles are needed

How many 12 by 12 tiles for a 6 by 6 room?

Assuming you mean 12 by 12 inch (or 1 by 1 foot) tiles, and a 6 by 6 foot room, and also assuming you just want to cover the floor and none of the walls, then the answer is 36, which is the area of the floor in square feet.

How many 12 x12 tiles are needed for a 300 sq ft floor?

a 12 x 12 tile is 1 square foot. So, you would need 300 tiles to cover 300 square feet