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a 20p and a 5p = 25p

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Q: Which two coins are given into change after spending 25p from 50p?
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Which 2 coins are given in change after spending 25p from 50p?

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How do you make 25p?

Get twenty five coins of 1p each.

How many 25p coins do you need to make 5.00?

There are no 25p coins in circulation, however if there was you would need 20 x 25p to make £5.00

How many ways to make 25p using 1p 2p 5p 10p 20p coins?

how many ways to make 25p using 1p 2p 5p 10p 20 coins

What is the least number of coins that make 25p?


Which 2 sterling coins total 30p without using a 10p but using 2 coins?

A Crown (25p) and a 5p.

How make 25p with 2 coins?

One 20p coin and one 5p coin.

Tthis is a riddle you have 2 coins but one of them isn't a 10p how do you make 30p?

you have a 25p and a 5p.

What is the value of a Barclays bank silver jubilee coin?

Mass produced modern coins are worth very little.....25p - £1 max. These were struck in cupro-nickel (assuming you are referring to the 1977 25p piece).

How many ways to make 25p using1p 2p 5p 10p 20p coins?

There are 67 ways.

How do you make 30p using two coins without using a 20p coin?

A half-crown (25p) and a shilling (5p)

How to make 1.00 using 60 coins?

It is impossible to answer the question without knowing the values of the coins. For example, the UK has 20 pence but not 25p whereas the US has 25 cents but not 20c.

Has anyone heard if there are currently any fake five pound coins in circulation?

It is unlikely that there are any fake five pound coins in circulation simply because they are commemorative coins and therefore do not see much circulation, you'd get enough funny looks as it is trying to spend a 5 pound coin. However, there have been reports of people passing off 25p crown sized coins as 5 pound coins. If the coin doesn't say "Five Pounds" on it (and it isn't a gold 5 pound coin!) it has a face value of only 25p.

How many change each costing 25p can be bought for GBP 2.50?

Ten of them.

What fraction of 1 pound is 25p?

25p is 1/4 of a pound

What 6 coins create a value of 48?

It depends on the country and the currency in use. For example, the US has a 25c coin but not a 20c coin. In the UK there is a 20p coin but not a 25p coin.

Does 25p equal aquarter?


What fraction of 8.00 is 25p?

25p is a quarter of £1, so it's one thirty-second of £8.

What is the value of a 1981 HRH the Prince of Wales and Lady Diana Spencer - the royal wedding coin from Barclays Bank?

Mass produced modern coins are worth very little.....25p - £1 max.

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What does 5px4p-5px5 equal?

5px4p=20p 5px5=25p so 20p-25p=-5p

What is the fraction of 25p?

If out of a UK pound (£) which is 100p? Then 25p is a quarter, as 100 / 25 = 4 Therefore the answer is 1/4

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