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chlorine, bromine

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Q: Which two elememts are similar to fluorine?
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What is the siblings of fluorine?

Fluorine is similar to chlorine.

Name two elements that have properties similar to those of chlorine?

Fluorine and Bromine are the two elements having the same property as that of Chlorine.

An element in a similar period to fluorine would be?


Do fluorine and chlorine have the same chemical properties?

No. No two elements have the same chemical properties. However, the chemical properties of fluorine and chlorine are similar. Since they are similar, they are placed in the same group, group 17, on the periodic table.

Is fluorine similar properties to chlorine?

YES, very similar properties. Both Fluorine and Chlorine are in Group (or Family) 17. Fluorine is in Period 2 and Chlorine is Period 3

Which element has characteristics most similar to fluorine?

Many similarities exist between fluorine and chlorine.

What is the element similar to the periodic of fluorine?


How is the electron structure similar in fluorine and chlorine?

Electronic configuration: - Chlorine: [Ne]3s23p5 - Fluorine: 1s22s22p5

What type of bonds form between fluorine and fluorine?

Fluorine's electronegativity is 3.98. The difference between two fluorine atoms is 0, so the bond between two fluorine atoms is nonpolar covalent.

What are elements with similar propertie to chlorine?

Fluorine, Bromine, and Iodine have similar properties to chlorine

How many elememts in the period table?


What element would have physical and chemical properties similar to chlorine?

Fluorine and other elements that are in group 17. A cool site is