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What does aesthetics include

How does linear perspective help a flat canvas look like it has three dimensions

What did realist artists like Gustave Courbet try to do with their art

What is the primary goal of propaganda art

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Q: Which type of model make on maths for class 8th?
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Working model of science for class 9?

There are many forms for models someone could make for their science class. Depending on the type of science class it is and what parts have been taught already would depend on a appropriate model.

How can you make a model of a human cell?

you could go on you tube and answer like this you type in how can you make a model of a human cell?

How do you make a seaplane model?

Type into google " Sea plane Model" be amazed at results.

How do you make a English working model?

There are a few ways to make an English working model. The exact model details depend on the type of English working model you want.

What type of maths do pharmacists use?

ml and l

What is the make of a 1960 VW beetle?

The make is VolkswagenThe model is beetle, or sedan, or Type I

What is the relationship between a class and object?

"Class" appiles to a "type" or "model" of a GROUP of items, objects, or concepts. "Object" applies to a specific material item or concept, a group of which may comprise a "class".

What year was the model 322A made?

To answer your question, we need to know the Model 322A WHAT? Make, and type of firearm.

What is the best type of material to make a model?

it matters what kind of model. if it is a model of a town use foam. if it is a haert use clay

Are computers the only type of model used to make predictions?


What type of maths was Leonardo da Vinci best at?

He does not seem to have excelled at pure maths. Geometry was of course necessary for his projects.

Did Remington make a model 1194?

No, some type of autoloading Model 1100 offshoot (pun intended) or something?

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