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Q: Which type of orbital looks like a figure-8 when drawn?
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What orbital from the energy level looks like a sphere?


What does point Q looks like drawn?

Usually a tiny black spot.

What does an apathum look like?

The apothem is the perpendicular from the cent of a regular polygon to one of it's sides. When drawn it looks like the line drawn for the radius or circumference of a circle.

What does Virgo zodiac sign look like?

It looks like a cursive M with a vertical fish drawn attached to the last line of the M

Has anyone drawn picture of erril from wit'ch fire I'm just interested in seeing other interpretations of what he looks like?


When 2s orbitals combine around the nucleus what bond is formed?

The 2s orbital looks much like the 1s orbital except that the electron is more likely to be found further from the nucleus. The bonds that are formed are called the Sp3 bond and the Sp2 bond.

What is the symbol for a particular region in Egypt and a great dynasty often seen drawn on the chest of a mummy?

its the one that looks like a someone vomitedyea'

Which planet has an orbital eccentricity most like the orbital eccentricity of the moon?


Where is the right superior orbital in the brain?

There is nothing like that in the brain(ie.right superior orbital).

Is half and full filled stability theory also applicable for f orbital like d orbital?

in d orbital and f orbital there is a full filled & half fulled stability

What is shape of a p orbital?

The shape of a p orbital is like a dumbbell-shaped. P orbital shapes depends on the quantum numbers affiliated with an energy state.

Describe the shape of the s orbital and p orbital.?

In isolation, there are 3 that look a bit like four balloons tied together at the tied-ends, each in different orientations and one that looks like two balloons tied together with a doughnut around the tied ends. Combining these make shapes as you would expect the analogy above to make.