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scalene triangle

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Q: Which type of triangle always has all its sides and angles unequal?
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Is an acute triangle always a scalane traingle?

Only when it has 3 unequal acute angles and 3 unequal sides that it is then a scalene triangle.

What is the name of a triangle with 3 unequal sides?

This triangle is called a scalene triangle. All its sides and angles are unequal.

Does a scalene triangle have unequal sides and angles?


What is a polygon with unequal sides and angles?

a scalene triangle

Characteristics of a scalene triangle?

All its sides are unequal, all its angles are unequal.

What are the properties of a scelene triangle?

Three unequal sides, three unequal angles.

What is the definition of scaline triangle?

Three unequal sides and angles

What are 4 attributes of a scalene triangle?

1. It has three angles that are unequal 2. Its has three unequal sides

What is the definition of a scalen triangle?

That's a triangle in which all three sides have three different lengths.

Triangle with no equal sides angles or sides?

A triangle with no equal sides or angles will always be classified as 'scalene'.

If a triangle is isoscles then it is not scalene?

an isosceles triangle is not scalene as scalene means to have three unequal angles and sides whereas an isosceles triangle has to have two equal angles and sides and one unequal0

Can congruent polygons have unequal corresponding lengths?

Yes providing the interior angles remain the same as for example a scalene triangle has unequal sides but it can be congruent to another scalene triangle that has the same sides and angles.