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A metre.

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Q: Which unit of measure is one one thousand of a kilometer?
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How many kilometers is a square kilometer?

A kilometer is a length or distance measure. A square kilometer is an area measure. One cannot be converted to the other. Kilometer is a unit of length, square kilometer is a unit of area. These don't translate.

A metric unit of measure equal to one tenth of a meter?

a metric unit of measure equal to a thousand meters

How to measure the distance using the metric unit?

In the MKS system, the basic unit of length is the meter. Everything is addressed in subdivisions or multiples of that. So a millimeter is one thousandth of a meter, while a kilometer is one thousand meters.

How much is a kilometer in metric system?

A kilometer is one thousand meters(kilo means one thousand).

What does the SI base unit kg measure?

The kilogram is a unit of weight. There are a thousand grams in one kilogram

What is the relationship between a kilometer and a meter?

A kilometer is one thousand times longer than one meter. Eg. One meter times a thousand is one kilometer.

What unit of measurement would you use to measure the distance from one city to another?

The unit most commonly used is the kilometer.

What does kilometers measrure?

Kilometer is a measure of length or distance in the metric system. It is usually compared to the 'mile' unit. One kilometer is equal to about 0.621 mile.

How many grams are in one kilometer?

Grams measure mass. Kilometers measure distance. A kilogram is 1000 grams A kilometer is 1000 meters. Grams per kilometer is the unit used for measuring CO2 emissions in foreign nations.

100 meters are in 1 kilometer?

No, one thousand meters are in a kilometer.

What can one thousand meters also be called?

One thousand meters is a kilometer.

What do one thousand meters equal?

One thousand meters equal one kilometer .

How many meters make a kilometer?

One thousand meters make one kilometer.

How long is a kilometer in meters?

1,000 meters is equal to 1 kilometerKilo means thousand. One thousand meters in one kilometer.

What is one thousand meters?

One thousand metres (US = meters) equals one kilometre (US = kilometer) abbreviated thousand meters1000 meters = 1 kilometer

One thousand meters is equal to one?


How much is one thousand meters?

A kilometer.

How much is a kilometer in meters?

1,000 m (meters) in a kilometer (km).1,000 mm (millimeters) in a meter.There are 1000 (one thousand) meters in one kilometer.One thousand meters equals one kilometer (exactly).kilo = thousand. Therefore, 1 kilometer = 1000 meters.

What are killameters?

I think you mean 'Kilometers'? And if so, It's a unit of measurement in the metric system. One Kilometer equals one thousand meters too.

How many meters do you have to walk before you cover a kilometer?

A kilometer is one thousand (1000) meters. You would need to walk one thousand meters.

What unit of length equals one thousandths of a meter?

This unit is one kilometer.

Is a kilometer one-thousandth of a meter?

No, it's the other way around. A meter is one-thousandth of a kilometer, and kilometer is a thousand meters.

How many meter makes 1 kilometer?

One thousand meters=1 kilometer.

How many meters are they in 1 kilometer?

One thousand

What is a metric kilometer?

A kilometre is one thousand metres.