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I suggest the millinewton. However, please note that people commonly confuse weight and mass; if it is actually the mass you want to measure, then use the gram.

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Q: Which unit of measure would be aoppropriate to use for the weight of a feather?
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Which would you most likely measure in ponds a feather a dog a pen or a nickel?

You would measure a dog's weight in pounds--if that is your question.

Which unit would use to measure the mads of a feather?

Millinewton can be the best unit for measuring the weight of feather.

How much millimeters does a feather weigh?

None. A millimetre is a measure of length; weight would be measured in millinewtons.

Would you measure a feather in ounces or pounds?

I would measure it in grams

What unit is used to measure the mass of a feather?

grams because a feather would not be measured in kilograms

What would you measure a feather with grams or kilograms?

grams 1 kilogram = 1000 grams 1 gram = 0.001 kilograms

How long would it take a feather to drop ten meters?

That depends on the weight and sise of the feather In a vacuum it would fall as fast as a canon ball. In the atmasphere friction through the air would slow it so sise and weight and shape comes into it.

Which physical would you measure with a spring scale?

You would measure weight.

What is something you'd measure in weight?

You would measure something in weight depending on the situation, for example, you would measure the weight of moving boxes to make sure that the truck isn't overloaded. Most people measure themselves with height and weight.

What metric unit would you use to measure a 13 year old male?

If you mean measure height then it would be the metre if you mean measure weight it would be Kilograms

Which unit of measure would be best to measure a humans' weight?


Why would you use kg to measure a weight of a person?

You wouldn't you would would use pounds or Lbs.Answer 2Yes you would definitely use Kg to measure the weight of a person.