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A yard is longer than a foot and shorter than a meter because there is approximately 3.2808339 feet in a meter. 3.2808339 feet is greater than 3 feet

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Q: Which unit of measurement is longer than a foot but shorter than a meter?
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Related questions

What is longer than centimeter but shorter than a meter?

Inch, foot, meter, decimeter.

Which is longer a foot or a meter?

a meter is longer than a foot

Is a foot longer or shorter than a meter?

shorter 1 metre consists 3.33 fts

What is smaller then a foot but shorter then a meter?

As the question stands, then such measurements as inches, decimetres, centimetres and millimetres are all shorter than a foot and shorter than a metre.If the question should have been, What is longer than a foot but shorter than a metre? then then answer is a yard.

Which is longer a meter or a foot?

A meter.

What is longer a meter or a foot?

a meter

Which is longer meter or a foot?


Is a meter shorter than a foot?

No because there is 3 feet in a meter.

Is a foot equal to a meter?

Nope. A meter is about 3 times longer than one foot.

Is a foot metric measurement?

No, a foot is not a metric measurement. Metric measurements of length would include millimeter, centimeter, meter, and kilometer.

If a meter stick markings centimeters what could be a precise and accurate measurement of your foot?

1 meter

Which unit of measurement would be appropriate to measure the length of a bus?

The 'foot' or the 'meter' would both do nicely.

Is a foot longer than a meter?

one foot is 12 inches. one meter is over 39 inches

What is longer than an inch but shorter than a foot?

A decimeter.

Which is more 27 feet or 9 yards?

They are both the same measurement. 27 feet is 9 yards. For example, 12 inches is 1 foot. Neither of the measurements are longer or shorter than the other.

What are three different units of measurement that you can calculate height?

foot, meter, inch.

What is longer of measurement between 14 inches or 1 foot?

14 inches is longer than 1 foot because 1 foot has only 12 inches.

Is a meter a foot?

no a meter is roughly 3 feet i believe its true measurement is 3.3 ft whatever that measures out to in inches.

Which is longest meters or feet?

1 meter = 39.37 inches I foot is 12 inches - so a meter is longer than a foot

What is longer than 1 foot but shorter than 1 yard?

a keyboard

How is meter stick used?


Give two examples of common units for measurements?

There are many different units of measurement. A foot is a standard unit of measurement for length. A cubic meter is a metric measurement of volume.

Is a foot almost the same as a meter?

Not really. There are three feet in a yard, and a yard is just a bit shorter than a meter. It is more correct to say that a yard is almost the same as a meter.

What did people do before they knew what a meter was?

They used other units of measurement for length (such as the foot or yard).

How much square feet is one cubic meter?

These cannot be compared; "square feet" is a surface measurement; "cubic meter" is a volume measurement. Just as you cannot ask "How many square feet is a cubic foot?"