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For example, we know that 7 is greater than 3. So, the symbol is: 7>3. We know that 2 is less than 5. So the symbol would be: 2<5.

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Q: Which way are the symbols for less and greater than?
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What does the no greater than symbol look like?

In the same way that a diagonal line through the equals symbol changes equals (=) to does not equal (&acirc;&permil;&nbsp;), a near-vertical line through the greater than symbol (&gt;), changes it to not greater than. Unfortunately I cannot find it in my symbols set. One alternative, of course, is to change the equation around: x not greater than y is the same as x less than or equal to (&acirc;&permil;&curren;) y. When inverting the equation in this fashion, you do need to remember to add = if it was not there and remove it if it was. ie not (greater than) is the same as less than or equal to not (greater than or equal to) is the same as less than not (less than) is the same as greater than or equal to not (less than or equal to) is the same as greater than

Does an electron have greater or less mass than a proton?

an electron has way less mass than a proton.

Is 0.2 more or less than .625?

.2 is less than .625. because you would find this the same way you would find is 2 greater than or less than 6. 6 is greater than 2 so .2 is less than .625

Is 1.5 greater or less than 1.05 Explain?

the answer is 1.5 is greater than 1.05 because 1.05 is the same as 1.5 but when u add a 0 in the front, it makes the number less than the way it was before the more zeros u put in front the less the number will get.

What is less then and greater then?

The mathematical symbol for 'less than' is On the keyboard, is found over the period, or full stop.One way to remember which way the symbols go is this:BIGGER > smallersmaller < BIGGERor2 > 1 (2 is greater than 1)1 < 2 (1 is less than 2)

What is the difference in meaning between a dot and an empty circle on a number line graph?

a filled in circle/dot means "greater than or eaqual to/less than or equal to" (depending on which way the arrow is pointing. an empty cirlce means only "greater than/less than". the greater than/less than symbol with the line under it will indicate the filled in circle. the normal greater than/less than symbol willl indicate the hollow cirlce

Is a negative greater or less than a positive number?

A negative number is less than a positive number. Think about it this way: a negative number is less than 0. A positive number is greater than 0. Therefore, a negative number must be less than a positive number.

Is 0.10 greater than 0.7?

No because 0.10 is less than 0.7 in the same way that 1/10 is less than 7/10

Is 8935 greater than 8 699?

NO. 8,699 is much greater than 8935. There seems to be something wrong here - which may be due to the browser not allowing punctuation symbols. 8935 is greater than 8699, not the other way round.

How can you tell which decimal is greater less than or equal to?

The same way you can tell with integers.

Is 9.71 less than or greater than 9.17?

the easy way of working this out is looking at the decimal point and the first number on the right of it will tell you. 7 is greater then 1 so 9.71 is greater

What is the prime number greater than 1 and less than 12?

There are several so there is no way of knowing which ONE you mean.

How do you determine if the slab is a two way or one way slab?

length/breadth is greater than 2 oneway slab, less than 2 two way slab

Is 25 multiply by 385 greater than or less than 10000?

One simple way to solve this is to actually do the multiplication. Then you can compare.

How do you insert symbol greater than?

The symbol for greater than is &gt;. If I were to say 9 is greater than 5, it would look like: 9 &gt; 5. The other way to write it is 5 &lt; 9, but this will translate to 5 is less than 9.

Does it matter which way the less than or greater than sign is facing?

Yes, It does Sister because if u turn it a wrong way u may get the equation wrong

Is 10.05 greater or less than 100.1?

10.05 is less than 100.1 10.05 is nearly 10 and 100.1 is nearly 100 10 is WAY LESS than 100.

Is 29.07 less than 29.1?

Yes, 29.07 is 0.03 less than 29.1. Think of it this way; 29.1 can be written as 29.10. It should then be obvious that 29.10 is greater than 29.07.

When a number is raised to the nth degree which way does the decimal move?

It depends on whether the number you start with is greater than or less than 1.

How do you write z is an odd integer greater than 33 and less than or equal to 37?

(z = 35 or z = 37) is one way.

Which fraction has a value greater than 1 and less than 2?

A &frac12; is half way between 1 and 2. Obviously there are others, such as 1&frac34;, and so on.

Is A yards greater than or less than B feet?

There is no way to answer without knowing what A and B are. There are 3 feet in a yard so you can work it out.

Is a decimal a fraction that is greater than one?

No. A decimal number is simply a way of representing a number in such a way that the place value of each digit is ten times that of the digit to its right. A decimal representation does not require a decimal point. It can be greater than, equal to or less than 1.

In what way is an inequality different from an equation?

In that it uses an inequality sign (less then, greater than, less-than-or-equal, greater-than-or-equal) instead of an equality sign. When solving, special care must be taken - when multiplying or dividing both sides of an inequality by a negative number, the direction of the inequality sign changes.

Does greater than always face one direction?

Yes. The sign for "is greater than" is &gt; and means that the value on the left is greater than that on the right. X &gt; Y means that X is greater than Y The opposite direction is always read as "is less than" and is also read from left to right. A &lt; B means A is less than B .... although that means that B is greater than A, it is not read, or used, that way. If you want to indicate that B is greater than A you need to put it as B &gt; A.