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'Half' would be the most commonly used term that means divided by 2.

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Q: Which word means the same as divided by 2?
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Which word means thesame as divided by 2?


Which word means the same as x 2?

To 'double' something means the same as multiplying it by two.

Is 6 tenths the same as 6 halfs?

No.Six tenths means 6 divided by 10. 6/10 = 0.6Six halfs means 6 divided by 2. 6/2 = 3

What is -2 divided by -12 equal?


What is fourteen divided by seven?

the same as 2 divided by 1

How do you write 4 squared divided by 2?


What is the result of 2 and a half divided by 1 and a quarter?

It is the same as 2.5 divided by 1.25 = 2

What does a colon in math look like?

It can mean a ratio5:2this means 5 to 2. so it means for every 5 there is a 2. this is basically 5 divided by 2. the ratio is decimal form is 2.5

How do you simlify Fractions?

Well for one, it means you make both the denominator and the numerator as small a number as possible, but equals the same as the original fraction. To simplify you have to have a fraction that has a denominator and numerator that can both be divided by the same number. (For example) 4/30 can be divided by 2. 4 divided by 2 is 2, and 30 divided by 2 is 15 so the new fraction would be 2/15. (Another example) 14/28 can be divided by 2 also but both numbers can also be divided by 14. 14 divided by 14 is 1, and 28 divided by 14 is 2. So the final answer is 1/2.

40 divided by 100 is the same as what?


Can i have a word problem that is 12 divided by 18?

give me a word problem that is 1/2 divided by 1/8

What is 1 .75 inches divided by 2?

1.75 of anything, divided by 2, is 0.875 of the same thing.