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Generic pill for Doan's (The Backache Pill)

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Q: White oblong pill with 44-338 on one side?
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What is a WHITE oblong pill with the letter E on one side?


What pill is oblong white L544 on one side?

Tylenol ER 650mg

What is a white oblong pill with 110 on one side and an inverted V with a p in it on the other?


What are the side affects for a white oblong pill?

Side effects include: hallucination, loss of hearing in the western hemisphere, increased longevity, sleepiness and dry mouth.

What is a white oblong pill with SAFE inscribed on one side?

10 mg Ambien (generic) - Probably ordered over the internet from the Philippines.

What do 10mg Oxycontin tablets look like?

they could be circle or oblong shape Watson 949 is a circle pill that is 10 mg and the oblong pills could be yellowish or white with 10/325 on one side

What is a yellow oblong pill with p650 on one side and750 on the other?


What oblong pill has g 120 on it?

I can't find any such pill. Rephrase the question with more detail. What color is the pill? Is it a capsule or an oblong tablet? Are the imprints on the same side or opposing sides? Send me a more detailed question on my message board. PeterRabbit2

What is a Two tone green oblong pill that says EBB on one side?

Excedrin back and Body

What is white pill with 5151 on it?

What kind of pill is round white with 5151 on one side

What is an Oblong white pill with Watson 387 printed on side?

That is a 7.5/750mg vicoden. The 7.5 is the amount of hydrocodone (vicoden, a narcotic pain reliever) and the 750 is the amount of acetaminophen aka tylenol that is in it.)

What pill is oblong pink with S on one side and 8667 on other side?

PrintSkelaxinGeneric NamemetaxaloneStrength(s)800 mgImprint(s)S86 67

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