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Q: Who wrote about moral qualities of "primitive" societies and about human inequality?
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Is the study of traditional human cultures determining how people lived and organized themselves into primitive societies?


What is the study of traditional human cultures determining how people lived and how they organized themselves into primitive societies?


Which philosopher believed that the formation of societies and government corrupted the human condition and introduced inequality?

Jean Jacques Rousseau.

What is the first noticeable condition of social inequality that occur in human societies?

when suplus was generated through a division of labor.

What do you call the study of traditional human cultures determining how people lived and organized into primitive societies?


What study of traditional human culture determining how people lived and organized themselves into primitive societies?

a+.anthropology christopher Irvin

When was An Essay on the Inequality of the Human Races created?

An Essay on the Inequality of the Human Races was created in 1855.

Why did early hunters and gatherers use stone knifes?

For primitive human societies, carving stones to serve as implements in farming and also in hunting helped them to survive and advance as their skills increased.

What are some of Daedalus' human qualities?

Well, since Daedalus was human, all of his qualities were human qualities.

Which area of the human brain is most similar to that of primitive animals?

the human brainstem is the mos similar to that primitive animal

What is the science called that studies the origin of humans?

The scientific field is called anthropology, and includes the evolutionary forebears of humans (primates), as well as the aspects of human behavior and societies, from the primitive to the present day.

Is the Human race still in a state of primitive technology?

I think the human kind is not in the primitive stage anymore. We are in the modern stage right now.

What occur when language give human qualities to non human?

its called personification when a non human is given human qualities

Is a neanderthal a hominid or a primitive or advanced?

They are a hominid, but more specifically, they are considered a primitive human species.

Who was the first sucker?

There is no way of knowing this, as it was probably one of the primitive humans who was first tricked into doing something by another primitive human.

What actors and actresses appeared in Walking with Beasts - 2001?

The cast of Walking with Beasts - 2001 includes: Larry Agenbroad as Himself - of University of Northern Arizona Leslie Aiello as Herself - of University College, London Michael Bisson as Himself - of McGill University Japeth Boyce as Himself - of Rapid City, South Dakota Bob Brain as Himself - of Transvaal Museum, Pretoria Kenneth Branagh as Narrator Stockard Channing as Narrator (U.S.A Version) Karyn Drane as Primitive Human Lorne Duquette as Primitive Human Rena Ermine as Primitive Human Frank Fish as Himself - of West Chester University Cory Generoux as Primitive Human Vernon Knight as Primitive Human Delvin Opissinow as Primitive Human Donald Prothero as Himself - of Occidental College Samantha Seager as Primitive Human Kent Sundell as Himself - of Casper College, Wyoming Mark Uhen as Himself - of Cranbrook Institute of Science Blaire Van Valkenburgh as Herself - of University of California Larry Witmer as Himself - of Ohio University Miltos Yerolemou as Primitive Human

What was regarded as the fundamental law of human society in the past?


Who fought against injustice and inequality?

well..... i think that martin Luther king fought AGAINST injustice and inequality because he made everyone consider and know that injustice and inequality is not right in the human race.

What do you call attribution of human form or qualities to that which is not human?

Attributing human qualities to that which is not human is called anthropomorphizing. A typical example is thinking your pet understands everything you say.

What does it mean when an author gives human qualities to an animal in a story?

When an author gives human qualities to an animal in a story they anthropomorphize it.

Who study the behavior of human societies?


What has the author Leonard Halford Dudley Buxton written?

Leonard Halford Dudley Buxton has written: 'China, the land and the people' -- subject(s): Geography, Human geography 'Oxford university ceremonies by L. H. Dudley Buxton and' 'Primitive labour' -- subject(s): History, Labor and laboring classes, Primitive societies, Working class

Name two primitive languages.?

There are no primitive languages. All human speech is fully developed. That is why it is impossible to know for certain how language arose.

What is the most primitive form of human speech?

" Primitive" is rather subjective but the oldest forms of speech are the click languages of the San in Southern Africa.

What does compare?

Actually, personification gives human qualities to non-human things.