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Famous People of DelawareAccording to the site, Stately Knowledge, some famous people from the state of Delaware include:

� Richard Allen, founder of the African Methodist Episcopal Church � Valerie Bertinelli, actress � Annie Jump Cannon, astronomer � Henry Heimlich, surgeon and inventor, developed the Heimlich Maneuver to save choking victims

In 1631 the Dutch attempted to settle the area that became Delaware but the settlers were killed by natives in 1632. In 1638 Sweden attempted a settlement led by Peter Minuet. It was these settlers that brought the log cabin to America. The Dutch regained Delaware in 1655 and the British took over the area in 1664. In 1682 Delaware was given to William Penn, founder of Pennsylvania, but the colony became independent from Penn's control in 1701.


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Q: Who are famous people from Delaware?
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