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they are a Indian tribe

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Q: Who are the Lumbee tribe of North Carolina?
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What dolls or crafts did the lumbee tribe have?

The Lumbee tribe is found in parts of southern North Carolina. The tribe is especially known for their skills in woodcraving, basketry and for their jewelry.

Where do the Lumbee live?

They are a native American tribe that has its origins in what is now North Carolina. They are located mostly in Robeson County.

What are three Native American tribes that were found in North Carolina?

Haliwa-Saponi Indian Tribe, Lumbee Tribe of Cheraw Indians and the Cherokee Indians

The origin of the family name Locklear?

The origin of the name Locklear comes from the Lumbee tribe of North Carolina which is mainly located in Robeson County, North Carolina. I know this because my last name is Locklear and my family has lived here for generations. if u wish to know more search the lumbee tribe archives for info.

Who are the lumbee Indians?

They're in North Carolina in Lumberton. Their is no agreement of where they descended from. Their name comes from the Lumber River. They are recognized as Croaton Indians by the state of North Carolina.

What is the tribe that sequoyah is from?

North Carolina Colony and Cherokee

What is a second name for the Lumbee Tribe?


How do you say grandaddy in Lumbee Indian?

The answer to how do you say grandpa in lumbee Indian is that the Lumbee don't have an Indian language,it doesnt exist because Lumbee are assimilated and never had a lumbee language. The self-identified tribe became known as Lumbee in 1952.

Who were the people who lived in colonial north Carolina?

gervans tribe

Who are the lumbee native Americans?

The Lumbee are the largest Native American Tribe east of the Mississippi River. As one many say we arn't a tribe but we are desendants of the Croatans and Cheraw Indians

Where is the Location for the Catawba tribe?

The Catawba tribe are located in the border area of South Carolina. Their tribal territory lies near the Catawba River on the North Carolina - South Carolina border.

Which tribe was centered in the area west of Salem north Carolina?


Is croataon off the coast of North Carolina?

The crotan's were a native American tribe who were living on Roancoke Island which is off the coast of North Carolina

Does the Cherokee tribe still exists today and if so where?

Yes is does, in North Carolina

Did native Americans live near North Carolina?

Yes there were tribes of Native Americans living in North Carolina. The tribes included Cherokee, Coharie, Lumbee, Haliwa-Saponi, Sappony, Meherrin, Occaneechi Band of Sapponi Nation, and Waccamaw-Siouan.

Where did the Cherokee tribe mostly live?

they mostly lived in eastern oklahoma or North carolina.

What do the Cherokee Indian tribe live in?

Georgia,Tennessee,Kentucky,North and South Carolina,and Virginia.

What is the Location of Cherokee tribe?

Cherokee, North Carolina Tahlequah, Oklahoma Lawrence Co., Tennessee

What are facts about the Hatteras Indians?

They Are located in the Cape Hatteras of NC! And are associated with the Lumbee Tribe.

What are some cities in North Carolina without a letter e?

· Burlington, North Carolina · Cary, North Carolina · Durham, North Carolina · High Point, North Carolina · Kitty Hawk, North Carolina · Morgantown, North Carolina · Oxford, North Carolina · Salisbury, North Carolina · Wilmington, North Carolina

What is a movement of Washington DC?

When the Chipolte tribe moved from what is now called D.C to Charlotte, North Carolina

What Indian words start with the letter E?

Eno was a Native American tribe. They lived in North Carolina.

Is North Carolina south of South Carolina?

North Carolina is north of South Carolina.

What is the Lumbee word for thank you?

There is no Lumbee language the lumbee have always spoken english the lumbee were formed in 1957 ,some lumbee advocates claim they are related to the cehraw but that is also another myth no evidence supports this claim as the cheraw went extinct. last listed as with the catawba. no linguistic connections have been established to any Lumbee tribe at all by scientist,anthropologist or historians, the claim is based on myth from a 1930 best guess claim of keyauwee ancestry.

Is the Cherokee Tribe still around today and where are they currently located?

There is a reservation in Cherokee, North Carolina. I understand that there are others.